Sunday, 10 May 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Journey

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

A Journey to the vets

“No not that one again. Look Fluffy one of our excursions to Dr. Vet, the man with the jabbing machine.”

“Oh yes I remember Tabby. Mrs. Human put us in the car and I could sit on the front seat, so I saw all the nice landscape as we drove. Some nice trees and meadows.”

“Err, Fluffy are you in the real world? When we go to the vets it is not a pleasure trip, it is serious. We are tortured, prodded, subjected to humilities such as having something being inserted in a very sensitive place. Above all we have to sit on a machine and they tell us that we are too heavy or not.”

“But Tabby, it makes a change to get out and about and I find those ladies at the vets very nice. They give me an ear cribble and tell me what a good boy I am.”

“And then you spray them to show how good you can be?”

“Of course not Tabby.  I don’t want them in my territory. They are only doing their job and afterwards Mrs. Human knows that we are healthy.”

“And what happens if you are not healthy Fluffy?”

“Then I have some medicine and tablets to take and Mrs. Human always mixes it in some nice yogurt to hide the taste.”

“I remember when I had a sore throat. I was at the vets every day for a jab, no jogurt.”

“But you felt better afterwards?”

“Of course I did, but I don’t have to tell the humans everything. And we have our revenge eventually.”

“We do?”

“Of course, the more jabs and medicine we have, the higher the bill to pay. Mrs. Human says our vet bills are more than her doctor’s bills. Yes revenge is sweet.”


  1. The joys of pets! My cat is now on four tablets a day plus a powder in her food. Thanks goodness for the stuff called easy pill which makes the tablets palatable for her.

    1. Giving tablet to a cat is never enjoyable. I can crush up the table and mix it in a yogurt, but Tabby always seems to notice.