Thursday, 7 May 2015

Daily Prompt: Forgive and Forget

Share a story where it was very difficult for you to forgive the perpetrator for wronging you, but you did it — you forgave them.

It was very difficult for me to forgive the perpetrator, known as Daily Prompt. Yes, they did me wrong. They insulted my intelligence, in as far as it exists. At the beginning I was a happy bunny, daily receiving my daily writing task. Admittedly they were not always to my taste, but having a twisted mind I could always turn them to suit my writing talents. There was a happy state of daily prompt affairs until the grid appeared.

The grid is something new, a development from the wordies of WordPress to enhance our experience, to show that they were doing things in the cyber world and not sleeping on the job. We all know that something new must appear in the computer world. If Bill Gates was still playing with DOS we would have given up long ago, but he discovered a window to the computers. At the same time a guy called Steve Jobs bit into an apple and had a dream. A new computer system was born known as Apple. He probably had a friend or relation with the name Mackintosh, so that was the operative system. These two systems, no matter who did it, are continually being brought up to date.

We have a Facebook, a social system to communicate with others. I belong since being a retired person as my company blocked this on their internal computer system for reasons of too many people socialising and not working. During the time I belong to Facebook it has had various designs where everyone complains at first, but eventually adapt. 

This is a short overview of my computer life, but I forgave and eventually forgot, because being a golden oldie my memory is no longer what it was and progress must, well, progress.

Now back to the WordPress grid, a new development to the previous very good system. Of course they had to move on, otherwise they would be out of fashion. Everyone moves on. Unfortunately somewhere along the line there was a traffic jam and no-one was moving. Now and again the grid was blocked.Then a new development was made. One day a Wordy decided that two, or was it three, years of daily prompts were enough. Let us do something completely different and it was done. The prompts have been repeats since December last year. They even made a posting telling everyone about it, so who am I to complain.

Have I forgiven them? Of course, we are all human and these things come to try us in life. Have I forgotten them. I would like to forget the daily prompts, but daily I am reminded by the new daily prompt which is not new, it is old and a repeat. On the other hand, my faithful disciples are probably fed up with listening to my wrongful laments over the neglect from a certain software company. It is just a matter of forgiving and forgetting I suppose.

And now for something completely different.


I don’t mean the dandelion fluff. I saw these on a field on yesterday’s walk and decided to establish their memory in my  blog.

I will be operating on a different time table in the next few days. Mr. Swiss will be in the care of some shapely, young nurses who will be looking after all his wishes and care in the local clinic, so I will be superfluous, not necessary. He will even receive 5 star meals from their restaurant. I will be neglected, alone at home to deal with the washing, ironing and cooking. Now and again I will pay him a visit to see how he is progressing and I may not be around so much. My writing will be postponed to the European evening hours if at all. I noticed today that a parking possibility is almost non existent at the clinic, all the available spaces being occupied, so I dropped him off for preliminary examinations and eventually found space in the local parking house which is a ten minute walk from the clinic. However, tomorrow is another day with a new, invigorating idea from the daily prompt team, which I probably answered two years ago.


  1. I hope all goes well for Mr Swiss in his stay in the clinic.

    Today is voting day in the UK. It's general election time. I did my civic duty and cast my vote before leaving for work this morning.

    1. It is a so-called "minor" operation for a hernia. They do them all the time, but it still causes concern. I know you are all voting. Even the Swiss TV have been bringing daily programmes about the situation in Britain. I have no residence in GB and it would be complicated for me to get a vote. Anyhow I don't live there so it is not my problem. We vote enough in Switzerland. We have elections later this year, but things won't change very much.

  2. Hope all goes well and you're not too lonely at home with only the cats to talk to.