Friday, 8 May 2015

Daily Prompt: Green-eyed Lady - A Stress Day

Let’s start with some music (seen in the Swiss town of Solothurn this week).

Musicians in Solothurn

They look happy enough, relaxed. The music was OK as well.

I should not be here because my day began early and thank goodness everything has been completed.

6.45 a.m. Take Mr. Swiss to the local clinic for his operation. He was No. 1 operation of the day and the two carvers/surgeons wanted to do the necessary at 8.00 a.m. Of course certain preparations have to be made. Mr. Swiss had already been given the list for “which method to you want to be anaesthetised” and had chosen the one in the back where he stays awake during the procedure.

So I delivered the patient and drove home. I had only slipped into something respectable in case there might have been an accident in the car, but as soon as I arrived home I changed back into my nightdress/pyjama (you don’t have to know everything) and returned to my bed which was still radiating warmth.

7.45 - I made my second rising from the bed and had some breakfast. It was then I cleaned  through the place and afterwards had my shower. I noticed already how I was missing Mr. Swiss. He always cared for the living room and dusting and now I had to do it all on my own. 

9.00 - I received a telephone call from Mr. Swiss that the operation had gone well and he felt fine. Of course he did, the effects of the sedation had not yet worn off. I told him I would pay a visit in the afternoon. It was not actually intended, but why not.

10.30 - I drove to the shopping centre, my itinerary already being 30 minutes behind time. I did all the shopping on my own and arrived home at 12.00 to cook lunch for son and me.

13.15 - midday golden oldie sleep.

15.00 - I was driving the car again to the clinic. I think I drove more today than I have driven in the past month. Mr. Swiss was under the circumstances OK and glad to see me. 

16.30 I drove home and began to catch up on some jobs at home. This week had been full of unnecessary interruptions and I decided if I cleaned the windows now instead of Saturday morning I would be ahead of my work plan. I also had a shower to clean which had been pending since two days. Then I remembered my orchids needed their weekly water supply. Luckily the evening meal was a pizza from the supermarket which only need a few minutes in the oven.

Now I am sitting at my computer writing a daily prompt. I must be mad. In the meanwhile son No, 2 called me asking how his dad survived. Tomorrow he is coming to dinner with my future daughter-in-law. That was the week that was. 

Oh and that rubbish about the green eyed lady, well yes I am jealous of people that have cleaning ladies, cooks, chauffeurs and someone to do the ironing (the ironing is still waiting, but it won’t take long - after all I am trained).

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  1. Oh dear you will be jealous of me as I have a cleaning lady and a gardener. Whether both will survive now that I'm not working is yet to be decided. Glad to hear the op went well. Hope he's soon home with you.