Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Blacklight Candelabra: Subconcious Dreamscapes

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Blacklight Candelabra

First of all I discovered, actually already knew, that I have absolutely no talent for drawing, painting, sculpturing or any such related pastime. Luckily I know how to organise a new programme on a computer that does it all for me. Unfortunately even then my artistic talents are exposed. So what is the result?

I believe it is an example of naive painting, back to the roots showing the bones and inner radiance of my gift, perhaps an illustrated version of the Dada movement. It is highly coloured, I love colours.There is a sun on the top left shining over my world. The sky is blue at least most of it, and we see two green trees (yes they are trees) and two round shapes bordered in red with a violet filling. They are my dada symbolic forms of flowers and I wanted to try out the 50 shades of colours available in the paint programme which I downloaded on my Apple and Microsoft, computers.

There is a black line separating sky and ground, just to get some organisation in the drawing. There is a brown path leading to over the hill. In Switzerland everything goes up and down and the viewer is left to his own idea of what is over the hill. Perhaps if you stand on the top you see a whole new world, towns and villages. On the other hand, probably a field of cows. I live in Switzerland where the cow population almost outnumbers the human population. The green lines surrounding the brown path are symbols of grass. The blobs of brown in between show that the grass did not grow everywhere. There might be a hidden meaning in this field, but I have not yet found it.

There are two figures on the left at the front of this work of art. One resembles a human and the other a quadruped. It is naturally easy to see that this is me and my feline, almost. My felines are a blue tabby and a normal tabby. Unfortunately an exact replica of these two cats was not possible due to the difficulties of handling the pen in the drawing programme, and so I settled for a plain outline of one black feline.

This is your life Mrs. Angloswiss, more or less. 

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