Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hello Goldilocks

Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.”

Fire bugs in the rockery

“Fred move over, we are cramped enough in this plant.”

“Then go to another plant Joe.”

“That’s the problem, there are no other plants. It’s early days yet for a garden full of plants, so we are left with something like this. Lots of leaves, no large flat places and cramped together.”

“I am quite comfortable here.”

“Of course you are, you were one of the first. My mama laid her eggs a few days later, so I am one of the last. The life of a Firebug is really something left to chance. Wait a minute, I think that firebug on the right is moving over.”

“No way, I am just changing my position, more protection between the leaves and less chance of being seen by an invading bird.”



“Of course there are problems, one of you guys put his foot on my body.”

“You know guys, you are doing this all wrong. No planning, you have to space yourselves out.”

“Are you the boss, who are you to tell us where to go.”

“Someone has to bring some organisation into this plant. We are all cramped up together on the same side, pushing and kicking. On the other side of the plant there is space enough for a whole army of firebugs.”

“Then move over there, big mouth, if you know it all better.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Neither do we, it is just a matter of behaving like adult Firebugs.”

“Yes, and you are the great example. You are squashing two of your brother Firebugs, just to get a place in the sun.”

“And? I have as much right to be here as you. Wait a minute I can see something approaching.”

“You are going?”

“I am thinking about it.”

“Good then move. Fred, Joe did you here. Mortimer is leaving us. There will be room.”

“No problem boss, we will be moving territory as well.”

“Where are you all going.”

“Pretty obvious boss. What is the purpose of a firebug life.”

“To get a good place in the sun?”

“You think? No way. We and the boys have decided to do something to ensure that we firebugs stay for the Summer and the next summer as well.”

“Did you see her Fred?”

“Of course Joe, are you joining us?”

“At last enough room to stretch out and fit in between the leaves. Wait a minute is this a mass exodus?”

“Boss you might be the biggest but it seems your instincts are still somewhat reduced.”

“Hello guys, we want to take a walk, care to accompany us?”

“Who is asking?”

“Boss, the females are here. Hello Mavis, Hi Mabel and who are you pretty little thing, do I see a spot of gold amongst the red and black on your tummy?”

“Oh, you make me blush. My name is Goldilocks I am a mutation, an exception. Mum fell in love with an albino and I am the result.”

“Down guys, there are enough ladies to go around and she is mine. I like exotic.”

Two Firebugs

“I am not stupid, I am the boss and there isn’t anything I don’t know about instincts. Come on guys let’s leave this stupid plant, there are other things to do. What do they call it? Maintenance of the species, and after all it is Spring. Ladies wait I am coming.”

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  1. Colourful little critters, if a little argumentative!!

    1. But they are harmless and are good photo subjects