Sunday, 8 February 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: Proud

When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

Waiting for customers at Migros, Langendorf

Where shall I begin? It happens so often I lose count . Of course the local supermarket. Daily the assistants at the cash register say how proud they are they I spend so much money in their business. It was only last week when the butcher told me personally that his life wold not be worth while if I did not purchase the meat that he had so carefully prepared, wanting to please my wishes. He even let me hold his butcher’s knife dripping with blood from the last victim and took a photo. He asked me to sign the photo so that he could hang it over the counter, showing everyone how proud he was of my customer services.

Then of course the postman called last week. He only rings twice, so I always have to be ready. He had tears in his eyes when he said how proud he was to deliver the letters and parcels to my address. I had to give him a handkerchief to wipe his eyes. I told him it was no problem. I look forward to his daily visits and he too makes my life worthwhile bringing the letters and newspapers. I am not always so proud of receiving the invoices, but he is only doing his job. He went on his knees and begged for forgiveness and bowed his way along the path. Oh, how nice to see that people are happy.

It was only last week when the tax authorities sent a letter announcing how pleased they were to have me as a customer. It is a reward for their clerks to be able to send me the forms to fill out and each year they have their annual party in honour of my tax returns. I, of course, answer their letter telling them it is a pleasure to be a customer and they should carry on with their valuable work. It makes me realise why I receive a senior pension. I wrote of the happy memories I had when I was a working woman, being allowed to pay a certain percentage of my hard earned money into their fund “Save the country and the village”. I realised that their job was not an easy one and all the more I honoured their words of praise for my efforts. 

My visit to the bank was successful. The porter at the door bowed when I entered and the cash drawer was already open, awaiting my visit. They shut it almost immediately when I told them I was visiting for withdrawal. I was shown the door where the cash machine was. I am not so sure if they were proud of me.

Last week I visited the dentist. His eyes were reflections of $ signs as he looked at my teeth. It was just a cleaning job originally, but he was happy, as a sideline, to repair a lost filling. He was so proud of me saying that I look after my teeth, perhaps too well he added. He is almost out of work when visiting my teeth, but I should not despair. Golden Oldies are always a source for turnover he found, and before I left he gave me some caramels to eat. He said they were not exactly the thing for the teeth, but for the dentist. I am still thinking about that, but my dentist was proud of me and said to call again soon, perhaps in six months.

My doctor was beaming when I arrived for the result of my blood tests. She was proud of the results. I asked if that meant that I could cease taking my tablets for diabetes and the vitamin tablets for my blood circulation. She said no, but it has improved. She gave me a page showing all the results, actually it was two pages. There was a nice tick next to the cholesterol levels. I asked if that meant I no longer needed to take the daily tablet. No, you should continue. Until when? One day the grim reaper will arrive and I will no longer need the tablets, but she was proud of me. As I left she gave me  bag with three varieties of life prolonging tablets and a proud smile, telling me to call again in a few months. This week I received the bill for the visit, yes I am sure she was proud. I also made my sickness insurance proud.

The undertaker’s shop is next to the doctor’s surgery. As I walked past he waved at me from the window, pointing to the poster in the window with photos of the newest developments in coffins. I do not want him to be proud of me, so I changed my step into a run. Luckily the car was parked just around the corner.

I found this prompt fairly stupid the last time and time does not heal wounds now does it. We all know that pride comes before the fall. I wish I could say I was proud of my daily prompts, but it is more despair, hoping for something completely different, a prompt to be proud of.

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  1. I'm proud of you for making this such a funny and sarcastic post :-))