Sunday, 8 February 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Pride

When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

Bobinette and the mouse

“Tabby, Fluffy, what is that photo of Bobinette doing on your pawpad Daily Feline Prompt.”

“It is all about being proud Mrs. Human and Fluffy and I cannot remember the last time when you were proud of us. We were proud of Bobinette on this action photo. Every time we bring you a token to make you proud of us, you wrinkle your nose, take a plastic bag, put your hand in it and pick up our offering and dispose of it. That is an insult to our pride.”

“No Tabby, that is not an insult to your pride, that is a human way of saying it is nothing to be proud of to kill an innocent little mouse. I can be glad the photo is not of you.”

“That wasn’t possible Mrs. Human. I have to balance the camera between Fluffy’s ears on her head before I take a photo.”

“But Tabby it was a good photo. I think the local Feline Hunting club is organising a photo exhibition for the best action photos. Do we have any?”

“I will have a look Fluffy, but I think we have one where Nera was playing with one of our meals on four paws. She looked really sweet.”

“No felines, you will not be entering any photo competitions showing dead mice.”

“She’s right Tabby.. Dead mice are to be eaten, not to be photographed.”

“That was not what I meant felines. There will be no Mouse Kill here. The last mouse you caught escaped and I spent all morning shifting the heavy cupboard until I found him.”

“That was very praiseworthy Mrs. Human, but you made a mistake.”

“Which was?”

You found the mouse, wrapped him in a cloth and let him free in the great outdoors.”

“Of course, and he ran as fast as his little sweet paws could carry him.”

“Mrs. Human, don’t get sloppy about a mouse. They form part of the balance of nature. You should be proud of our efforts to keep everything in its right place.”

I think there is something wrong with the logic of this discussion, so I decided to change the subject and fed my cats two nice dishes of vitamin pellets.

“Mrs. Human”


“What animal produces those pellets you keep feeding us?”

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  1. Don't you just love it when they bring you presents like that. Thank goodness Minx doesn't anymore. Love these posts of yours Pat. :-)