Sunday, 1 February 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline School

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

<Baby GrĂ¯¿½gu and his sister/brother

“Look, that’s me on the left with my brother and sister. One of my school photos.”

“Fluffy, since when do felines go to school. We are felines and know everything better.”

“But Tabby, you must admit that our mums taught us all we needed. She showed us how to wash, how to scratch and to make sure our litter is covered in the tray.*

“Ok Fluffy, but not all of us kittens were so good at it. I remember Nera, she was always emptying her dish of food on the floor.”

“Perhaps that was because she always wanted more.”

“True Fluffy, she always seemed to empty the dish before we began.”

“I remember my mum giving me a lick when I was  a kitten. She said to pay attention behind the ears and between the claws.”

“I remember my mum showing us how to sharpen our claws, but only the first time. Afterwards we could do it all by ourselves. She forgot to tell us that the world is not just one big scratching post. Mrs. Human was not very happy when I used the table leg.”

“Of course the world is one big scratching post, it is just a question of human training. I must consult my book of Bastet to say what she says about it.”

“Tabby I think she says scratch where you can, but blame it on the dog.”

“Of course. What does she say about marking territory, that is another thing that humans do not understand.”

“Just a minute, I think that is somewhere at the back of the book. Ah yes, it says “mark your territory daily, but avoid marking humans, they do not like it.” It then goes on to say if the humans are annoyed with the smell, blame it on the dog.”

“You see Fluffy, Bastet is very wise. She has the solution to everything. My mum said that if a feline arrives that you do not know, then hiss and scratch.”

“That’s what my mum said as well Tabby. Do you think we felines might be overdoing it. All the mums say that sort of thing. Is that why we are always fighting with other cats.”

“No, Fluffy, that is a territorial thing.”

“What about our dads, don’t they have anything to say.”

“Fluffy, do you know who your dad was?”

“Of course, he lived with us for a time. He was Coolman the champion Selkirk Rex stud man.”

“Oh, I forgot, your mum had an arranged marriage. My mum just took what she found. My dad left the education to my mum.”

“But you know Tabby, even though my dad was there, all he did was have a lick and sleep and eat in between.”

“Typical, who needs a dad.”

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  1. Only one drawback with the feline reasoning here......there is no dog in the Angloswiss household to blame things on.

    1. True but one of the neighbours has a large dog and another has an apricot poodle.