Tuesday, 13 January 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: Image Search

Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

My Random Word: Grid

My picture, from my own collection. I do not do Google pictures, when I have 10,000 of my own to choose from. From the unimaginative Google I received a photo of paper with squares on it, how imaginative. In my collection I found this.


Grids are everywhere, they are slowly becoming the curse of a normal organised way of life, under the pretence that they are an improvement and make things better. I must admit that when the concrete boring lengths of streets were replaced in our old town of Solothurn by the original Roman way of  roads, I thought it was pretty, picturesque and quaint. That was until I tripped on a cobble stone, managing to rescue myself by clinging onto Mr. Swiss.

There was a day when WordPress discovered the existence of a grid. When I joined this happy family, we did not have a grid. We had letters that made words in a list. At least I think so, but it was so long ago, I have almost forgotten this state of affairs. WordPress decided this was old fashioned, boring, and not very enterprising. A list of ping backs in connection with Prompt of the Day! How old fashioned. We are now in the modern world of cybernetics. There is competition and we have to stay at the top, although I was always under the impression that those at the top have further to fall. Perhaps I am being pessimistic. There is also the question why repair it, if it is not broken. And so it came to pass that we received a new modern grid showing the daily entries for the daily prompt. Now and again this grid failed to work, but all beginnings are difficult. It was just a small problem, but the battle was won I think and the grid is now here to stay. Did we want a grid? Many will be shaking their heads and wonder what she is talking about. They are the so-called newbies. I am one of the oldbies, covered with cobwebs and still looking for a Pingback in the maze of novelty.

The grid is so successful that all the old prompts are now being shown again and so I am writing for the second time on most of these prompts. Today is a new prompt. I do not remember searching the archives of google for a photo. I had a problem with a random word, I believe there are thousands, if not millions in the english language plus a few million more in Swiss German, my second language, not to mention high German (yes, the third language) and cockney which I grew up with. Where shall I go on my random word search? It was then that I was reminded how the “Grid” is now guiding my life, but let us not blame WordPress, it was not their idea I discovered today.

Most of us have money, without it you do not get very far. It is not safe to walk around with too much money in your pocket or purse, it might be stolen. For this reason bills are today paid my money transfer from bank to bank. I also have a bank account online. You cannot touch the money or sit as Scrooge once did counting it note for note, coin for coin. Today it is all done with the click of a computer mouse, even with a “ping” made by your iPhone when the code number is sent to long-in. I also have a post office account. I know one account should be enough. I have two post office accounts, I have five bank accounts. Mr. Swiss is confused, but it is my money. I am digressing.

My post office account is online and as it is a post office account they are a little behind the banks in their system, although I liked the system. Plain, clean and easy to operate and everything where is should be until two months ago. They decided to renew their online system, although it was not broken and guess what? Yes, we now have a grid. It looks very pretty on the computer, all these little boxes, each one with something different. We now have end of the year when all the summaries of the various accounts arrive for tax purposes. As I am one of the modern ones, mine is all online. Mr. Swiss needs certain documents for the tax formula and I was proud to present him with one of these documents this morning printed from my post office new grid system. 

“Where is the other one” he asked.

He is very clever, realising that my money system is a little erratic. Sometimes I have difficulty myself finding the way.

“I don’t seem to have it.”

“But they send it by post eventually.”

“I don’t think they do, I am online with all my finance” I said in a proud competent voice.

“Phone them”

And so I did. The lady was very polite and helpful. When I told her that the new grid system was rubbish and I long for the old straight forward system where everything was nice and golden oldie style, she told me that the Post do to have plans to revert the system, but if I really could not find the document I need, she would send it by post. I was relieved. She asked me if I would like personal advice and she could make an appontment for me to see an expert.

“Will he change the grid system to the old system?” I asked.

The answer was a firm “no” so I told her not to bother.

People we are being controlled by grids. Beware if you see little boxes, they are creeping in on us, taking control. Do not let your town replace the pavements by cobblestones. Put your saved money under the mattress. It will then be out of reach of the grabbing grid fingers. Remember Bill Gates and his new and innovating Windows 8 that failed, that no-one wanted. It had a touch screen full of little pictures, organised in a grid system. Do you have bricks in your walls? Cover them up, paint over them, it is a disguised grid.

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  1. Let's just hope the National Grid doesn't fail, or we'll have no electricity here in the UK!!!