Sunday, 25 January 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Once Upon a Feline Time

Tell us about something that happened to you in real life last week — but write it in the style of a fairy tale.

Tabby and Nera

Once upon a feline time there were four kittens, Nera, Tabby and two others who unfortunately remain nameless as they found other families where they could take over.

The feline mother was happy to realise that there would be kittens, although she knew that more mouths to feed would be a problem. Would she have enough milk taps to feed them all and how was she going to get them cat tray trained and independent? She knew there would be no help from the father of the felines, as she only met him for a few minutes and afterwards he disappeared. No problem: he had already smelt the next victim and was off. And then there was father No. 2, so of course her kittens would not be look alikes. And so it came to pass that the four baby felines arrived. Amongst them was a monster feline, known as Nera, completely black and decided she would be the first in the clan. There was also a Tabby cat, the last to arrive, but luckily she was a tough feline and there were enough milk taps to share. Mother cat decided that the first tom cat she met was the father of the big black long furred cat known as Nera, as she resembled him. He was known as Butch amongst the other felines. Tabby’s father was probably the second feline she met, a sleek sly tabby cat that promised the mother to show her his collection of tuna fish tins, but mother cat soon realised that he wanted to show her something else. So is the life of a female feline.

Time passed and mother cat realised that she could do no more for her kittens. They were quite independent, covering their recycling process nicely in the tray and now and again they would bring a mouse home. Two of the kittens left for another home and Tabby and Nera were still there.

“It is time for you to leave me” said mother feline, but we must find a good place. There is a new feline computer development called CatNip and the developers have now designed a paw friendly computer known as Pawpad. It has a navigation system, felinenet, and if you give the command “two growing kittens looking for home with full board and lodging,”, I am sure someone will apply.

The two kittens, Tabby and Nera were excited. At last they could live in their own place and do what they wanted to do and when they wanted to do it. “There is one born every minute” their mother would say, and sure enough after placing their request in felinenet they had an answer from Mr. and Mrs. Human. They told the kittens they would pick them up in their car and mother cat was glad. The kittens were leaving, she knew that the next litter was already on its way. Yes, mother feline did not take life so seriously.

The two kittens, Tabby and Nera, were pleased with their new home and quickly settled in and took over. They had been instructed by mother feline how to train humans. Look innocent, remain quiet and give them a scratch and a hiss now and again to let them know who is the boss.

Nera had no problem, she was always the king of the hill and Tabby was her assistant, sly and clever. There were some moments when the felines were not sure if they were in the right place. Especially the memorable visit to the vets, after which they lost interest in the other sort of feline. They tried to persuade the humans that a daily dish of tuna fish was what they needed, but unfortunately the humans were convinced that vitamin rich pellets was the correct food for a growing cat. They quickly managed to establish their territory in the outside world and often brought a mouth full of fur home to show who the intruder was.

Unfortunately 12 years afterwards Nera had to leave Tabby as Bastet, her main god, called her to the eternal corn chambers. Tabby remained, but in the meanwhile Fluffy had joined the family and Tabby was not so much alone. Fluffy had become Nera and Tabby’s apprentice, and they now all live happily ever after with Mr. and Mrs. Human.

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