Monday, 12 January 2015

Daily Prompt: Audience of One 2

Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

Logs Rüttenen-Solothurn

Here they are, my spectators, my readers, but in a fictive sense of the word of course. They are piled up on the roadside and watch everything that passes. If they were human they could spend their valuable time reading my blog. OK, just a excuse to show one of my prize suspicious still life photos taken from a moving car with Mr. Swiss at the wheel.

I do not really wish for any particular person to read my blog. I really wish that I would win a Pulitzer Prize/Nobel Prize for my blog, but as I do not think they deal in blogs, there would be no-one to read it. 

I ask myself why I spend at least an hour a day, sometimes more, trying to say something to change the world and make an impact as a writer where people cue to buy my latest edition. It is not impossible, someone did it with a few Grey experiments in connection with contact between the male and female. Am I doing something wrong? Why am I being ignored? There are even people in Facebook that no longer want me as a friend. They unfriended me with no reason and I spent many hours of worry. What did I do wrong? 

I afterwards discovered that those that unfriended me were not worth the trouble to try to preserve as friends. If they do not want me, I can do without them as well. Perhaps they were annoyed because I was annoyed. Perhaps I did not humour them by praising the fantastic cakes they were creating and showing us all in pictures. It might be because I was not bothering to pat them on the proverbial head when they showed us photos of their wonderful unique grandchildren doing unique things to impress us. I am also doing things to impress, but I am now 68 years old and no-one is impressed by a grey haired monument that is hoping for a niche in the Wall of Blog..

Once upon a time Wordy advised to establish a site in Facebook all for myself with cross postings of my unforgettable impressive prize suspicious blogs. I decided why not, my talents should no longer be hidden from the world. I knew that Facebook would be waiting to inaugurate a monument to my blogging success and I did the necessary. The beginning was tough, but beginnings are always tough. I had forty brave Facebook friends that gave me a like on my Facebook page. It is now eighty fans since the past five months averaging on 8-10 views per day. I will not give up. Strange is that when I write a few words on something personal, they flock to worship, adore and click: so is human nature.

In WordPress I have almost 4000 disciples. Each disciple has chosen to follow my efforts. Unfortunately I sometimes have a feeling that these are not genuine disciples that glue themselves to their keyboards waiting for my words of daily wisdom. Perhaps they are being paid to click into my blog. They often have strange names that seem to belong in a public relations world. I have many visitors daily, but again it seems that more than half are qualified as spam, their contact efforts to be deleted as soon as they appear. I actually discovered, through a TV programme, that there are places in the far eastern world that accept money to click on your Facebook pages. You receive at least 100 likes per day, for a paid amount. They do not read your entries, but just click. After seeing this I am no longer disappointed, realising that all the successful ones are paying for the privilege of their daily clicks.

Today is a miserable misty day, grey in grey. If the sun decides to show itself for few minutes it is attacked by a cloud in the shape of a fist. To surmise these words of wisdom, read my blog at your own risk. I will not be angry if you do not read it. If I was you I would not read it either. Even my cats do not read it. My dad does not read it because he does not have a computer. Now and again Mr. Swiss might read it if he is not watching the news on television or some other political discussion, although he is one of my greatest fans (he has no choice really).


  1. I really like that atmospheric photo.

    I don't even know if I've been unfriended by anyone on FB. Apart from about 25 regulars, if any others on my list unfriended me, I might not notice, at least not to start with.

    1. I only notice it by the busy ones, when I realise I am not getting feedback from their posts. If they do not want me, it is their business and I can live without them.