Monday, 12 January 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Audience of One

Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.


Dear Garfield

I am only a humble Tabby cat, but I have been following your brave adventures for many years. If you ever paw over these valuable words, you will realise how much affinity there is between a tabby feline and a majestic ginger cat. How I long to be enfolded in your wonderful furry paws, to feel your whiskers caressing mine.

Preparations have been made for our feline union, although Mrs. Human says there is no room for a large ginger feline. We could perhaps escape and elope to Hollywood. I am sure there is space  in your villa for a small Tabby like myself and who knows, perhaps the producers of your films will find I would be the best choice for your leading lady. I even have the sexy Macdonalds M embellished on my furry forehead, something that all tabby felines are proud of.

I will be honest with you Garfield. I will never be able to know the joys of motherhood, we will never be a mummy and daddy feline, but we will have each other. My visit to the vet left me with no choice and I heard that Ginger cats  very rarely have children. Our children will be our fans, those that will admire us as the ideal couple. 

I have everything prepared for our nuptials. Grumpy cat will be our witness and my colleague Fluffy will give me away. 

I realise this is just one fan letter amongst thousands that you received daily. For my contribution to our future life, I will bring ten tins of tuna fish as a dowery and Mrs. Human said I can have our previous bird house to ensure we will not starve.

Awaiting your reply with impatience, forever yours

Tabby, sealed with a loving paw print.

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  1. Perhaps Tabby might settle for a Migros cat? They are ginger after all (assuming at least one of them is male, of course!!).

  2. Keep dreaming Tabby, it costs nothing and makes you happy. Especially when Mrs Human agrees with you. :-)