Wednesday, 3 December 2014

WordPress Weekly Challenge: Countdown

For this week’s challenge, I invite you to breathe new life into the established genre of the end-of-year countdown list. Sure, you’re welcome to share your top-20 books, songs, or obscure craft beers of the year.

Nera Christmas

My late Nera cat who left us for the eternal corn chambers last year, once wrote a Christmas Wish List. It had a few repetitions, but she wanted to make sure that it was read and her wishes were granted. We still miss her and hope she now has her permanent supply of tuna fish wherever she is.

I thought about this end-of-year countdown list and came to the conclusion that it is a necessary fact of computer life to register you passwords. We are all told that the passwords we need on our computer should not be written down for safety reasons. It might be that someone finds the list with the passwords. Do not enter them in your iPhone, iPad or computer, and if you write them down then write each worded in a coded fashion that nobody understands what it is all about.

Now this is very sensible but you have to remember the codes you applied to register the passwords. I really would not want anyone to know how to empty my bank account when banking online. I definitely do not want to be cloned in Facebook as it might be that my suspicious colleagues, who I do not know personally, will disown me as being untrustworthy. Today I am the proud possessor of many computers, some out of action but ready to go when plugged in. Others used daily and I am not counting my iPads. Computer central we have a problem.

I am really wondering if I visited the tattoo shop and had my many passwords engraved somewhere on my body, it would be the best choice, but where? On the other hand we are constantly advised to change our passwords regularly meaning that my available skin would soon be full, no room on the body.

I now have an Apple computer, no two, but that is not the problem. Apple are the kings in passwords. They have a password for everything. You want to buy something in their Apple shop, then use your password, no problem. You want to modify something on your computer, then use another password and if you have an iPad you will be informed that you have changed your password. It seems that Mirosoft Windows were accused of not being secure enough with their software. They have found the solution, a password and even a fingerprint, but what happens if I forget which finger I used.

To return to online banking here are also passwords. If you have plastic money, Visa Card, Bank Card, cards for this and that in the local store, there will definitely be a password included. You want to buy a book online, no problem, as long as you remember the password.

This is your today’s life, so you begin to make a list, but unfortunately now and again you will be required to change the password, and oh horror, you have forgotten the new password. You can contact the various password hungry people by mail and they will supply a new password. You become a regular customer to their e-mail address and if you do not organise you e-mail answers, you forget which one brought you the correct password. I have now thrown all caution to the wind. I have begun a list on my computer, but being sly and computer litereate, I have transferred this list to a memory stick, so what could possibly go wrong. Now where did I put that memory stick?

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  1. Love your kitty santa and wish list, memories are wonderful though sometimes sad too. As for passwords, I have them in a note book and find i am going through a fair few of them too. lol. :-)

    1. I am also slowly running out of ideas for passwords.