Wednesday, 3 December 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Not for Thee

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that you wouldn’t give to anyone else? Why don’t you think it would apply to others?

First of all I would title this Prompt: From the ridiculous to the sublime. Why should I give advice to others and if I do  - no, sorry but this is something I cannot write about. Wait a minute, “Not for Thee” - I would not give this advice further because I am sure no-one would understand what I am talking about and so a logical conclusion is it will apply to nobody.

Let me tell you about our computers - ah yes, I do not advise you to buy more than one, it can get confusing.


Let’s begin somewhere in the past. Mr. Swiss had a computer, I had a computer - fun. His was full of music, mine full of photos and blogs. One fine day one of us read that having a computer exclusively for on-line banking was very positive. All financial matters kept nicely together with less risk of having your bank account emptied by prying spies. Computers were now a cheap disposable commodity. No financial disaster, just buy one, so we did. That was computer No. 3 (on the right on the top shelf). This is really only used for connections to the bank and post, you never know.

In the meanwhile Mrs. Angloswiss had discarded her Toshiba with Vista (bottom shelf, left, at the bottom of the pile) for her Acer Windows 7 (bottom shelf on the right). I mean who wants Vista, it was total rubbish, and in any case it was almost overflowing with photos. At the same time Mr. Swiss decided to change from his Dell (or was it a HP) to an Acer Windows 7, although come to think of it, he bought his Acer first and advised me to change to the Acer. We were now full profits, and away from the expensive Rolls Royce generation of computers. It had to work, be effective and do what we wanted, all under the guidance of Bill Gates of course. We are not professional hackers or experts, we are just computer users and so the saga continues.

In the meanwhile the iPad/tablet or whatever had been invented. Now this was a must amongst some of us computer freaks. We had already made our experience with the smartphone, and it was just a matter of time before Mr. Swiss came home with a kingsized iPad (you know the larger size). I looked at it with suspicion and decided I was happy with my Kindle for reading books and my computer was always near bye. Then the mini iPad was invented, nice and handy and somewhat cheaper and so - yes, I had to have one. This all happened a few years ago. So now the scene is set. If you peep into the home of Mrs. and Mrs. Anglo-Swiss during the day you might find them on their computers. If you look in the evening you will see them seated with an iPad in each hand, although they might be discarded when the TV is running: all things are possible.

We now have the next instalment - are you sitting comfortably? Mr. Swiss bought an Apple computer: not that we actually needed it. I was happy with my Acer, although it was bearing signs of wear and so was Mr. Swiss, but it was a special offer. We both being Amateur Bill Gates disciples, we are always keen to follow the newest developments.

“You can use it as well” Mr. Swiss said to me, his famous last Apple words.

I discovered a new realm of computer, I fell in love with this machine that had pages instead of words and numbers instead of Excel. I blogged with it, I made files and now and again Mr. Swiss took a glance at this Apple invader, but let us face it, he is not an Apple person, prefers looking out of the windows. Due to my infection, I bought myself an Apple Macbookpro. Not just any old MacBook Pro, but the most expensive they had. If you are going to do it, then do it properly. My fate was sealed, but I never use it when eating breakfast. I want to preserve and protect its smooth shiny light metal surface from breakfast stains. On the left on the bottom shelf you can see my two Apple computers.

I used my Acer at the breakfast table. It was still in perfect working condition, although I noticed that now and again a few letters disappeared. I think my Acer was jealous, but when it noticed that I still needed him, he stopped acting silly and returned to full working order. Unfortunately this illness was contagious and struck down Mr. Swiss computer with revenge. Long story cut short, Mr. Swiss bought a new computer, but as he is not an Apple fan, he is still on the Windows road. So now our collection has been expanded.


On the right Mr. Swiss old and new computer and on the left my two iPads and one of Mr. Swiss iPads. The blue iPad is mine, the mini, but the black next to it is my new iPad (the bigger size). The green iPad is Mr. Swiss, but he has two others, a mini and and big one. The mini had to be replaced because of old age. My mini blue iPad was also showing signs of decay. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss completely reorganised his mini Apple Macbook for me, so now I have two apple MacBooks. 

Ok, to return to this prompt, which is something and nothing. I do not advise anyone to have more than one computer or iPad, There were once days when you took a walk in the country during the day, or spent the evening reading a book (I still do, but on my iPad) or perhaps watching a favourite film on the TV. Of course I could live without a computer, but if I did I would not be here to tell me my online story.


  1. At this rate you will soon be able to open your own second-hand computer shop!!

    1. I just cannot part with them. We even keep the old hard disks of the ones that stopped breathing.