Sunday, 21 December 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Cause, Meet Effect

You can singlehandedly create a causal relation between two things that are currently unconnected — a word and an emotion, a song and an extreme weather event, wearing a certain color and winning the lottery. What cause would you link to what effect, and why?

Donkeys at Migros Langendorf

If it had not been approaching Christmas, my local supermarket would have been closed today, because it is Sunday. They are open most of today to help ease the stress of Christmas food shopping, as well as last minute gifts. For this reason Mr. Swiss and I decided to go on an excursion this morning to buy some items we would need and to help with the strain of shopping.

If it had not been an exception, the local supermarket would not have employed two donkeys to offer rides at the entrance and I would not have been able to take a few photos. The two gentlemen in charge soon realised I was a golden oldie with a camera and so they stopped to pose for a photo. Perhaps they thought they would appear in a magazine issued by the local senior residence. I made the most of the situation and my camera was full of donkey photos. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss disappeared into the supermarket. I do not think he had an interest in two donkeys outside the supermarket. 

I travelled the escalator to the top floor where the food items were, but there was no Mr. Swiss to greet me with a worried look on his face. He had abandoned me. However, you are never alone with a smartphone and so I called. He immediately answered and told me he was still on the ground floor in a supermarket where they sold the port wine I wanted to buy to make one of my fantastic, 5 star super sauces to accompany the beef filet I would be preparing on Christmas Eve, our big celebration. He was despairing as he could not find it, so I descended the escalator and found him with a searching look on his face. I applied my female shopping instinct and found the bottle immediately. 

We ascended the escalator together and arrived at the food buying department. It seemed that not many people had the same mad idea as we had and it was pleasant to walk around, smile at people you know and buy what you need without having to fight the way to the front of the line. We were successful. My camera was full of donkey photos, and we bought all the items on our shopping list which would ensure survival until Tuesday, when we will depart again to buy the remainder. We met some friends,  another golden oldie married couple that had the same idea as we did. We exchanged a few words, no stress, laughter and enjoyment to be actually able to have a space to stand and talk and breath the fresh air of the air-conditioned shop.

We connected many things this morning. Sunday morning, donkeys and shopping, now who can beat that and could even choose our parking space, without having to fight for the right. As time passed, we could see that the supermarket was filling up with more customers. It was time to make our escape and we arrived home tired but happy. Dinner was a quick frozen pizza with the remainders of the field salad I had from the day before. Yesterday son no. 2 and his girlfriend, which is now his fiancée, paid us their Christmas visit. They will be spending their Christmas in Germany with her parents. Yes, we will become parents-in-law.

There were many casual relationships today. As I took my place at the breakfast table and let the electricity pulse through my computer I realised that the ping backs and grid had not again died again. They were just taking a well deserved pre Christmas holiday yesterday and this morning as I swallowed my first sip of tea, I noticed they had returned. Perhaps a little reluctant, as it was the night in the States, and only we chosen few in Europe were awake and ready to go, but I managed to upload my two blogs written yesterday. Is this not a casual relationship, seeing the ping backs and being able to visit my followers and give them a virtual handshake to their yesterday writings?

All things have a reason in life. Somewhere there is a guiding hand that causes results, or perhaps it is just a blogging coincidence. Perhaps a casual relationship between my blog and Pulitzer prize may one day be reality and so I continue blogging my way through life, you never know.

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