Saturday, 20 December 2014

Daily Prompt: Final Trio - the trouble with books

For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.

Hobby Room

Down in the cellar there is a room with a bookcase. No, not just one bookcase, but a few bookcases. It is the overflow from the apartment, the books that are books with covers and paper and print, not the books that you upload onto an electronic apparatus.

We really wanted to keep the books in the apartment, but they actually began to reproduce, they took over. One morning I awoke to find the door of the bedroom open being pushed by three books that had wandered in from the living room bookshelf. 

“What are you doing here, you had a nice comfortable place on the third shelf on the right.”

“Forget it book reader, we have no room. The volume of “Cooking for 5 star cooks” expanded during the night. It decided we were too inferior to share the same shelf because we were just ordinary criminal stories. We are moving into the bedroom, so that you can read us before going to sleep.”

“Oh I see, perhaps I can shift the cooking book into the kitchen.”

“We told him to go to the kitchen, but he said it was a definite No. He was not going to hang around in those kitchen smells, the damp and the grease. He was meant for better things, being a 5 star cooking book and wanted the best place on the shelf. He pushed us off.”

“But I do not have room for you in the bedroom. I shifted the bookshelf into the hobby room in the cellar, so I will take you down there.”

I picked them up and carried them downstairs, which was not easy, they were struggling all the way. Eventually we reached our destination and I put them on the top shelf next to the German classics. An argument began at once.

“Hey reader, this is not our place. We are english books and really do not want to mix with the foreign stuff.”

“Are you talking to us. Zis is not ze vay to speak to we deutsche books. We are zu special to be put on the same shelf as ze english books” and the German books pushed the three english books out of the shelf where they fell on a glass vase on their way causing a crack on its side.

“Books can you behave, if you are German or english it makes no difference, the main point is that you are good reading material. Now you have cracked the vase we were given on our wedding day by great aunt Matilda.”

“If you are so proud of this vase, why is it in the cellar. We want to return to the upstairs room, or at least be given a more dignified place. Just a moment, I can see a space between the complete Sherlock Holmes works and the Harry Bosch books, that will do nicely.”

I didn’t realise books could be so fussy, but I did as they said and they seem to be settling down nicely, exchanging stories and situations. 

“Ok reader you can go, we are now happy.

So here is a song about books - I don’t plaster my blogs with You Tube favourite songs, because I do not push my favourites onto anyone, but I found this a suitable song if anyone wants to listen.

By the way, did you notice, the ping backs have disappeared again. Who cares? I am fed up with caring.

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  1. My main bookcase in the living room has been taken over by the Blu-Ray disc brigade, relegating the books to another room. They have not spoken to me in some time.