Monday, 10 November 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: No Time to Waste

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

What about “too short to sit around waiting for the Daily Prompt to appear” and as a little assistance it had already arrived when I was eating my breakfast. I checked on the clock and discovered that yes, Daily Prompt were being considerate to the Australian blogging world as they could at last write their piece early in the day instead of waiting to almost midnight.

So I have awakened from my midday golden-oldie sleep and noticed that already more than fifty bloggers and written their piece. Did I miss something? Did WordPress send out a notification that they were working a 24 hour day? Or perhaps they pulled a wrong switch - again? No problem, but I am here at the usual time and did not write my piece this morning instead of taking a shopping trip. Life is too short not to go shopping in the morning. I was thinking stuff the Daily Prompt 24 hour clock. If I did not go shopping on Monday morning the people in the supermarket would be worried. They would notify the local television and newspaper. I can see the headlines “Mrs. Angloswiss absent from the Monday morning supermarket sojourn. Where is Mrs. Angloswiss? What happened, has she abandoned our corridors of plenty and now ordering the shopping online?” This would certainly be the drama of the day.


To celebrate my normal daily routine here is an action photo taken at the supermarket, although some time in early summer. Note the happy shoppers choosing their food rations. On the left Mr. Swiss in action. Yes, I took one of my paparazzi photos. 

I entered the supermarket, disregarding the fluke of daily prompt timing. I had more important things to do than write a daily prompt in the morning. Shopping feeds me and the family and I cannot eat a daily prompt. Today was an important day at the supermarket, the fridge was almost empty from the eating orgies of the week-end and it had to be re-filled. Milk supplies were dwindling so we stocked up with a pack of 10 litres, it being cheaper in bulk buys: my morning cereal was in danger of drought. Potatoes had to be bought for cooking my prize suspicious 5-star Rösti tomorrow and brussel sprouts had arrived. I love brussel sprouts, but cooked that they still have a bite. I do not like them soft and slushy. To cook a brussel sprout too long is comparable with an assassination. You have to bite them to savour the genuine flavour.

I did have a troublesome moment, during the night. It was around 4 o’clock in the morning. I was so troubled that I pressed the button on my iPhone next to my bed, illuminating the complete bedroom, but wanting to register a “Life is too short”  moment in my life. I awoke with a pain stabbing through my right arm. I usually have pains in my left arm, as it was broken symmetrically at the top and bottom and now and again the bones have a discussion, arguing which one was injured the most. This time it was the right arm. There I was laying awake with worry. I once read that if you have a heart attack, you have pain stabbing through the arm. I took a hasty glance around the darkened room, but did not see the man with the t-shirt marked “Grim reaper” standing and watching me from the bottom of the bed. 

Either he was late for his appointment, or I had got away with it again. My next thought drifted to some sort of electric short cut in the body, but I was worrying and thinking, so I was still functioning in the head, In the meanwhile the arm decided to recover and shifted the centre of the pain to the shoulder, sending out signals to the hand.  I decided that I was not yet ready and probably had been laying in a position blocking off the blood supply to the the right arm and causing a short circuit in the nerve centre. Despite my problems of an unexpected departure, I fell asleep. Of course I was relieved to wake in the morning and discover that I was breathing and my body parts were all present. I had a quick check in the mirror in the bathroom and discovered ….. that my left arm was shorter than my right arm. Did this happen overnight? Did my body decide to shrink on the left side? No, the arm length difference had been present since it was broken. If you break your arm and dislodge a piece of bone in the process, things are no longer the same length.

So, I survived despite the daily prompt timing problems and the mysterious pains in my right arm. Tomorrow I will be back, some time, some place, unless Word Press decide to give us two prompts for the price of one. They I will also have to do a night shift.


  1. It's my understanding that heart attack pain always occurs in the left arm, not the right. That might be a problem if you already get pain in that arm from your breaks, although I'm assuming it would be a different kind of pain. Life's to short to worry about it though.

    1. Mr. Swiss told me the same this morning. The pain would be in the left arm, so that is solved. He also said I should have woken him up, but him not being a doctor or surgeon, I decided to leave it. I don't even feel any pain now in my arm. Must have been laying in a wrong position. I wonder what I will have tomorrow. By the way, any news about your hospital stay? Seems to be a long while waiting or perhaps I missed something.

    2. Still waiting at the moment. It's classed as a 'non-urgent' operation, so I'd be surprised if it happens this side of New Year.

  2. I often have pain in my right arm too. I seem to notice it happens on days when I have lifted too many heavy things...such as chubby grandchildren or cats. :) I'm glad you are okay. Don't feel badly about being behind fifty people. I didn't notice the Daily Post today until 100 others had already posted. :( I really enjoyed the topic today! Thanks for visiting my blog.