Thursday, 27 November 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Never Too Late

Is there a person you should’ve thanked, but never had the chance? Is there someone who helped you along the way without even realizing it? Here’s your chance to express your belated gratitude.

Everlasting Sweet Pea

Let’s have a flower, a sweet pea flower, one of the smallest less significant in my garden, but that can climb. I planted the seeds about ten years ago and they not only took over my hedge, but that of a few neighbours. I wonder if they are thankful? Perhaps not.

I thank myself for cleaning the shower after my golden oldie sleep. I have a routine and it nicely fits in at the beginning of the afternoon. First of all turn the shower on and let the water run down the tiles. Afterwards take a soaked sponge with cleaner and wipe it over the tiles in the shower, ensuring that all the nooks, crannies and corners are cleaned. Then another full rinse from the shower with clear water and now the clever part. A spray of softening agent to remove the scale on some of the tiles and the shower door and wipe it all off with your special window cleaning similar wiper. Next we move to the tiled walls, all wiped over with a special glove with a small drop of environment friendly cleaning liquid. The grand finale is wiping the floor with a mop to remove the residue. After a jolly half an hour (you can sing on the way if you want to), you have a shining spotless shower ready for usage and you can take a seat to write your daily blog.

My next thankyou goes to ……. Mr. Swiss. He put clean sheets and duvet covers on the beds this morning. I assisted by replacing my own duvet and cushion covers with the new clean covers. It was a co-operation, but I must admit he did most of the work.

Now I would like to thank myself, again, for cleaning the kitchen this morning and making it ready for another five star meal, which I cooked. OK, no turkey today, we are Swiss and do not celebrate the turkey murder performed by the pilgrim fathers. We might kill a turkey at Christmas, but no big deal. For lunch I killed some spaghetti and tomatoes, together with minced beef - spaghetti al sugo. Not to forget the bloodthirsty murder of a green salad. Oh yes, there is no stopping me when I begin.

Now I would like to thank me for presenting myself with my new Apple Macbook pro, with which I am writing today’s prompt. Oh, of course, I would like to thank the staff of the Magic Happenings Team at WordPress for bringing us daily our prompts, although sometimes not so daily if there is a spanner in the works, but all the more appreciated when they arrive. Honestly speaking I had some difficulty with today’s prompt. I do not feel like thanking anyone for anything as I am a basically a do-it-yourself person (with a little help from Mr. Swiss). Yes, I am by nature ungrateful, and so why thank anyone. 

I was having a conversation with a turkey from  a neighbouring farm yesterday and she found that celebrating the massacre of thousands of turkeys in the States was not her idea of offering thanks. She feels safe on her Swiss farm, especially as she is warned by the Swiss society for prevention of cruelty to turkeys, to hide with her family around the end of December just in case she might be needed for a Chrismas dinner. Her chicks are forever thankful for this effort. She found the Swiss are more human by celebrating with their cheese fondue. They pierce the a cube of bread on a fondue fork and insert it in melted hot cheese, but no-one has ever heard the bread scream.

I was going to thank my feline Tabby, but then I realised I had nothing to thank her for. She assured me “no problem, the word thankyou does not exist in meow”. It is superfluous, and self explanatory that her bowl is constantly filled with vitamin pellets and a ration of tuna fish, twice weekly, arrives as an alternative. 

To show that I do have a few human traits in my body, I would like to thank all my faithful disciples and followers that endure my daily prompts. The worse thing to happen to an orchestra is when it arrives for the concert and there is no audience. Imagine me writing my fingers to the bone daily with my prize suspicious blogs and there is no-one to read them. Admittedly the blogs have not yet received their true recognition in the blogging world. The blogs have not been rewarded with their just prize (are you listening Mr. Pulitzer?). I am sure I will be showered, overwhelmed, by likes today. On the other hand, forget it. I have to plan tomorrows shopping expedition. Yes tomorrow is not black Friday in Switzerland, but I still have to hunt for the week-end rations. Thank you supermarket for supplying my daily provisions. 

Thank you car for driving me to the supermarket, thank you senior citizen pension for supplying the money for my purchasing power and thank you ….. oh forget it. I have run out of things to be thankful for.

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