Thursday, 5 June 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Breathing Room

An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?

Green plants in Migros

“What is this: four walls, a floor and a ceiling next to my kitchen, looks like an extra room.”

There was a flash and a bang and there he was, dressed in a WordPress t-shirt and his magic mouse still in his hand.

“Good morning Angloswiss, I am the Wordpress fairy and overnight we have decided to give you a new room.”

“A new room? I don’t want a new room, I have enough to clean with the rooms I already have.”

“But Mrs. Angloswiss, we are sure with your super blog intelligence you will find a good use for this new room. It costs nothing, and you will receive extra points for your blog.”

“Where have I heard that one before?”

“Look Mrs. Human, a new room, I am sure we can use that” and my three felines Nera, Tabby and Fluffy arrived for a paw inspection.

“No felines, if we have to keep this extra room I will decide what to do with it. Felines disappear, you do not need an extra room, you have conquered all the rooms we have in the apartment and now it is Summer. You spend all day and night outside doing whatever felines do. Disappear and have a sleep.”

My felines decided they did not want a new room, it was not yet sprayed with their scent and so they disappeared beneath a tree for a sleep in the shade of the branches.

“There is one small detail” continued the man in the WordPress t-shirt “you can only have three things in the room or it will disappear”.

“Typical WordPress, always a catch somewhere: they give you with the right hand and take with the left. I have a room which I have to clean myself and do not really need, and can only have three objects in the room. OK Mr. WordPress Superman we will do this my way. First of all I do not like the design of the room, one wall will be replaced with glass sliding windows, are you with me?”

“Yes, but…….”

“No buts, there are no stipulations about four walls or??”

“No, I suppose not but…..”

“To continue: this room will be my conservatory, a place where I can store my palm trees, luscious green plants, and perhaps prize winning orchids.”


“No buts Mr. Super WordPress. This is my place and I say what goes, or are you going to send me a cleaning woman on a daily basis to look after this new super extra room that I did not really want?”

“That is not in the deal, just three objects, no humans.”

“I will tell you what is in the deal, and just to be fair to my colleague bloggers I am not asking for an extra sausage, just the same as everyone else. I want three plants: a palm tree that will reach to the ceiling and wide enough to occupy a third of the width of the room along the wall and it should have a few coconuts growing on it.”

“Yes, agreed.”

“I am not finished. I want one of those creeping liana plants that will cover the remaining walls and ceiling. And just to set the perfect picture an orchid. Now Mr. Clever Wordpress t-shirt man, you know what orchids are?”

“Yes of course, they are pretty colourful flowers.”

“Correct, they are pretty colourful flowers, and as this new room will be a perfect conservatory for plants the orchids will be able to live and go forth and multiply as in nature. They are basically parasites and will attach themselves to my super creeping liana and will flower on every branch.”

“Oh, I see, but that was not the idea.”

“Mr. T-shirt man, I cannot know what your ideas are. All I know is that I receive daily a prompt and what I do with it is my idea. By the way can I also have a WordPress t-shirt, I ordered one, but it is too small.”

“Sorry, just a room, but no t-shirt. We might build that one into the next prompt.”

He disappeared with another flash and bang and I was left with a conservatory. I decided not to put a bed in the conservatory otherwise the new room would have disappeared; I wove a hammock from the liana vines and relaxed with my favourite book on how to cultivate orchids. There was one small disadvantage, I had to open the sliding glass door to let the rain in to keep it all alive, but I wore a plastic raincoat for protection.

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  1. I, too, would demand a conservatory with many glass windows. In comfortable reclining chair and one android-tablet