Saturday, 12 April 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: When Will I Be Loved?

Have you dreamt of becoming famous? What would your claim to fame be? Comedy? Acting? Writing? Race car driving? Go!

Dandelion Head

Which romantic souls remember the game with the dandelion seed head: pulling out the little stalks “She/He loves me, She/He loves me not” etc. When I was a kid I would do it, but today I just try a macro photo, times change.

Times change so much, that I am seriously thinking about this daily prompt thing. Not only have WordPress changed everything, but slowly I wonder if I no longer love them as much as I did. I can no longer do my Pingbacks, to show everyone how much I appreciate their contributions to the daily prompt due to the new fantastic, spectacular changes.WordPress tell me that they are working on it, and so am I, but without any success up to now. We have now gone deep Orange, in case you have not noticed it. Not that I mind a change of colour, it is a trade mark. The only problem being that everything else should function as normal.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from WordPress inviting me to join The Commons for Blogging 101: Zero to Hero where you have “a private space where you can seek feedback, share ideas, and have conversations with another out of the public eye”. This is apparently a very private place. Very enticing and so I made my way to join. Perhaps I might meet Brad Pitt privately in that secret place. If WordPress calls you, you go, but there is a little problem – for me. I have to do the two step authentication thing, so I made my way and found I must upload the Google Authenticator on the App Store on my iPhone. No problem, but what is this thing, and do I really want or need it? It is added protection from the evil Trojans and spies in the Internet World, the ones that steal your password and carry out threats leading to death and destruction of your most private intenet secrets. Do I want this app, do I need this app? I am still thinking about it, but up to now have not reached a decision. Do I want to join this Commons for Blogging 101 etc. etc.? Up to now I have survived without this, so I think I will continue to survive for the time being.

At the same time I am being bombarded with reminders from the renewal service that my WordPress domain subscription will be up for renewal shortly. This is not cheap, but being a golden oldie with not many pleasures in life, I am OK with this. The price to pay for a .com.; It is not cheap but the things I do for a www address on my gravestone.

So there we have it. Life can become complicated when you pin all your hopes on a Web Site to climb the steps to fame in the world of literature, and even photography. You have to give a lot a little to arrive where you want to go. I do not dream of becoming famous, I am famous, at least in my own four walls. My felines find me famous for regularly emptying their litter tray. Mr. Swiss has put me on a pedestal for my five star menus and that I have not poisoned him after 46 years of marriage. I am famous for my knowledge of the English language in the area where I live, which is not surprising as I live amongst the Swiss German speaking population. I am also famous for speaking Swiss German with a strange accent and making grammatical mistakes when talking. The main thing is that I am understood.

So please bear with me when my daily prompt works do not 100% meet with the demands of the WordPress powers. I like to have fun, but with a bombardment from a Google app and a newly designed web presentation, the fun side of things is gradually fading in the world of WordPress innovation. Of course, this is all in the name of “staying on top”. I should not complain. Facebook has gone through so many changes since I belong, that I no longer have enough fingers to count them.

I think I dedicate this daily prompt to WordPress. They are becoming famous for changing my quiet life and transforming it into excitement, chaos and bringing a new surprise every day. Yesterday I found the daily prompt with no problem. Today I had to search, steer through a strange page displaying prompts from last year until I found where I should have been in the first place (all in dark orange of course).

And now I will lay my computer to rest, my garden is calling with some weeds. Tomorrow I will be back, same place, same time – if I find my way in the new and sensational WordPress jungle. I have a feeling that I am not love so much by the WordPress Gurus at the moment. They even refused to approve one of my comments on their notification “The Daily Post has a great new look”, but I submitted a second comment, perhaps somewhat milder than the first and it got through. 

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  1. It seems to be the 'nature of the beast'. Not only Wordpress, but the internet in general. Any site you care to mention is forever tinkering with their look and functionality, even though they were perfectly fine as they were. Often these 'wonderful' improvements are quite the opposite!! Since getting my new Android tablet last week, I have been checking out what apps I want to install. So many times I've seen one that interests me, but on reading user-reviews I see the same thing "this was great app until the recent it doesn't work/works badly".

  2. Nearly forgot to say........a splendid macro of the dandelion!!! Beautiful!!