Sunday, 12 January 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us QUIRKY.

Migros walkway, Langendorf
On the way to the parked car at the local supermarket, Langendorf, Switzerland.

It might sometimes be that Mr. Swiss finds himself walking alone, although I was accompanying him at the beginning. This often takes place when our shopping trip is finished and we are returning to the car. There are no longer tasks to be completed and so I can concentrate on something enjoyable. This is where quirky might enter the problem. I remain still, take my super Canon Power Shot camera out of my pocket and search for an interesting view on the world. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has arrived at the car and is busy loading the shopping in the boot. I am distracted and time flies. Eventually with a few photo treasures I arrive at the car. Now the question is who is annoyed?

There are of course things that might annoy me, although listening to jazz music in the bebop modern style has become part of my Anglo Swiss life. I remember my dad once saying “I like jazz, but that jazz that Mr. Swiss listens to is not my sort of thing”. It has grown on me over 46 years of marriage.

At the moment I am a little annoyed with the quirky ideas of my big fat long furred feline, known as Nera.

“Mrs. Human, do you mean me?” and Nera’s ears were standing upright. “If you do, then the word “fat” does not belong, I am fluffy and well proportioned.”

I decided to ignore the last remark.

“Yes Nera, it hangs together with your wanderlust when searching for a new sleeping place.”

“What’s the problem Mrs. Human, I have found a new sleeping place.”

“Yes, Nera, my bed and I am not happy.”

“But you only use it at night and then I am mostly out and about.”

“Nera, I use my bed after lunch, for my golden oldie recuperation sleep.”

“Ah yes, Mrs. Human, I wanted to talk to you about that. We felines like to sleep on an average of sixteen hours a day and we also have change in our sleep patterns. For a while I was quite content to sleep on the settee in our room, but Mr. Swiss has decided to occupy it after lunch for a golden oldie sleep. I then moved to the cat tree, but I realised I needed a scenery change in my feline life and then I discovered that you bed was free during the morning. I tried it and found it to be nice a comfortable. The duvet beneath the bed cover gave me the softness and warmth that my feline body needed.”

“During the morning is no problem, Nera. I do not sleep during the morning. After lunch is the problem, when I retire for an hour and my bed is occupied by a black feline that stretches her four paws in all directions.”

“That is your problem Mr. Human. Today I was quite annoyed with you. There I was having a feline Nirvana dream, wandering through fields teaming with mice and sitting at the roots of trees waiting for a bird to fall into my paws and there was a disturbing tug. My feline dream world was destroyed, and I awoke to see two human eyes staring at me and hearing a loud voice causing havoc with the decibel level of my sensitive ears. That was a shock Mrs. Human, causing irreparable damage to my system. Thank goodness we have the purrfect remedy.”

“I noticed Nera, you showed your beautiful sharp canine teeth when you awoke accompanied by a definite hissing sound.”

“Yes I did, but to no avail. That no longer seems to have the wished for effect. I had to retire from your bed and search for another resting place. Luckily Tabby, my litter sister, had decided to sleep on the rocking chair in the bedroom and her place on the carpet in the bathroom was free. I just noticed the title of this piece of blog work has the word “Quirky” and I would add that my choice of resting places is definitely not quirky.”

“And Nera, when we are talking of quirky I have another problem with your feline ways.”

“Humans are never satisfied. What is it now Mrs. Human?”

“I just wanted to mention that I regularly clean your tray in the morning, keeping it germfree for further use. Would it be possible that when it is filled with clean sand and again smell free that you do not have to try it out as soon as I have finished. It is as if you are waiting for me to finish the job.”

“Mrs. Human that is normal. I examine it out to find if it is suitable to be used again. May I use the tray now and is your bed now free Mrs. Human?”

And after completing her natural needs, she curled up on my bed (which was covered), made two circles with her body and decided to continue with her daily ration of sixteen hours sleep.

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  1. The only quirky habit I have that i annoy myself talking to myself!! I guess that's to be expected when you live by yourself.

  2. In 20 years it will be a normal stare of affairs :-))