Saturday, 11 January 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Fast Forward

If you could fast forward to a specific date in the future, when would it be? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FORWARD.

Woodgrange Park Cemetery

Note I have my hand in the air in defiance. You will not get rid of me so easy it seems to say. The photo was taken in the neglected Wood Grange cemetery, East of London, where my family remainders were once buried in their own grave. My grandfather was at the top of the pile, his coffin resting on the remainders of six other family members. I said once buried, as with time, the remains of the day cemetary had been cleared away to make room for the new Muslim cemetery which has now replaced the old part of the cemetery: a sign perhaps that in the happy hunting grounds, no matter who we were, we are all in the same place eventually.

So, let’s be honest WordPress, do you really think that a 67 year old golden oldie wants to fast forward anywhere? I enjoy taking things one at a time, although to be frank, it would be OK to fast forward to say around 7.00 this evening. Then I have written my daily prompt, done some photo work on my computer, perhaps my daily Tai Chi exercise and cooked the evening meal. I can then sit on my stressless chair with my iPaddy book in my hand and read whilst the TV runs in the background. The day’s work would be done and I could take it easy until the next job, but is this the fulfilment of my dreams for today?

Take things one step at a time, you do not know how long you still have. I drive a car, which is a risk in itself. No-one ever thought that I would be let loose on the road with a driving licence. Even my driving instructor made the sign of the cross in the air when he saw that I had been passed and was licenced to kill drive. Who knows what could happen on the road. Everyone is at risk, the driver and the pedestrians. Just a short walk in the apartment might lead to tripping over a feline that would suddenly decide to see if Mrs. Human still has problems with keeping her balance when walking.

I would perhaps like to fast forward to Spring when my preparational work in the garden is finished: the hedges trimmed, the earth cleared of the Autumn and Winter remains and everything ready to become a perfect English garden in Summer. As no-one volunteers for this work I will do it myself as usual. On the other hand I am now looking forward to the back ache and tired legs showing that the work has been completed.

There is another problem with this theme. If I have to pinpoint a specific date in the future, it might be the wrong date. We now have the year 2014, so I would say let’s go to the year 2044 and then I would be 97 years old. What are my perspectives? Will I be seated in a wheel chair being pushed around by someone old enough to be my great grandchild, will someone be spooning soup to my mouth at lunchtime, or will I be watching the daises grow from the wrong side?I somehow do not think I will be writing a blog about fast backing to a specific date in the past, due to my hands no longer being so flink on the keyboard.

I sometimes use Wikipedia to help me with my prize suspecting blogs when I have to check on the facts. I have now discovered that there is a site DEAD OR ALIVE. The introduction says “Ever wanted to know if a famous person was dead or alive? This website will help you find out”. You now know what action to take if my blogs go missing for a few days. Just check in and if my name is on the web site list,  you know I will be watching you from another level in cyberspace. If you feel a draught of cold air skimming over your fingers as you are writing, I might be guiding you through you daily prompt with my ideas from beyond.

Are you now looking over your shoulder? Don’t worry, I am still here annoying everyone at home with my loud voice and brilliant ideas, generally making life uncertain. I really think the statue on the photo would be ideal.

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  1. Being a life-long science-fiction fan, I've always been intrigued by the notion of time-travel. I've read many novels about it. The most famous is probably the earliest one......The Time Machine by H G Wells. I'd like to travel to the year 802,701 AD, just like Wells' protagonist, to see if truth really is stranger than fiction.