Thursday, 16 January 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: But No Cigar

Tell us about a time things came this close to working out… but didn’t. What happened next? Would you like the chance to try again, or are you happy with how things eventually worked out? 

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Inside Bipperlisi train

Yesterday I travelled in the local train to town. As it was empty I could not blame my health condition on the fellow passengers. No, It was something near and dear to me, Mr. Swiss and I share everything. There are some things I would prefer not to share.

Ahhhhhhtishooooooo, Ahhhhhhtishoooo. Things are definitely not working out. First of all we have the prompt where it works out, then the prompt where it almost works out and tomorrow there is probably doom and gloom in the daily prompt where it collapses and does not work out – Ahhhhhhtishooooo.

Thank you Mr. Swiss, he is such a generous man and passes on everything; last weekend he had a cold, not quite manflu (heaven forbid), but very near. Various nose treatments were bought and organised, soothing ointment and the apartment echoed to the sound of sneezes and nose cleaning operations. There was nothing I could do, just keep my fingers crossed and hope that it did not increase in gravity, in the worst case spread it in my direction.

Ahhhhtishooooo, sneeze, sneeze. The worst case scene has now occurred, I have it, and it did not even come close to working out. I got it full power. Luckily Mr. Swiss had to visit the doc this morning for his driving health test: one of those trials that the advanced oldie Swiss have to bear when they reach a certain age and wish to continue driving a car. Perhaps the eyesight is failing, perhaps you become colour blind not being able to recognise the difference between a red and green light, and perhaps you mistake the figures on the speed dial. Mr. Swiss had to walk backwards with his eyes closed with his finger on his nose and fill out a form. The Swiss have really interesting intelligence tests. Just imagine not being able to drive in reverse without putting your finger on your nose. Whilst he was going through these trials of psychological wellbeing, he collected some medicine for my Ahhhhhtishooo! cold. I now have a nose ointment to sooth the raw parts (I do have quite a large nose), I have liquid to squirt into my nasal cavities and there is a packet of some sort of tablets, which I have not yet tried.

Last night I did not sleep, counting the sneezes and sore parts of my nose. I had trouble breathing and was sure there would be newspaper headlines “Angloswiss suffocates sneezing in bed – nose blockage caused by a paper handkerchief. My nose was painful, my jaw felt as if it was no longer attached and my teeth had begun to move independently of each other, especially through the vibrations of the sneezes. This morning my bed was littered with paper handkerchief remainders and Ahhhhtishoo (excuse me) and I felt as if my last day on earth was approaching. My first thought was not will I be able to complete the daily prompt, my first thought was will I survive.

As you can see I am still here. Ahhhhtishoo (sounds of blowing my nose in a paper handkerchief which is gradually dissolving). “Mr. Swiss can you bring me another packet of paper handkerchiefs?” and he hurries to my rescue and throws three packets on the table next to the computer. I think it is now time to wipe the keyboard and screen to free it of the viral attacks and showers it has been subjected to.

And so life goes on. Not that I am a person to complain, I take it all in my stride. Ahhhhhhtishoo!!!!!!!

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