Friday, 17 January 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us YOU.

Over the rails on Solothurn Main Station

Ask Mr. Swiss – he says I have a good reputation, but he was busy on his computer and was not really concentrating on my important question, so I asked again. “I mean like a trade mark, something that is me”. I was convinced that I would now have the truth and my head would be showered with words of praise.

“Ah, you mean reputation, yes, well I suppose you could say that you are a creative chaot” (meaning something like instigating chaos whilst being creative at the same time?). You see I am unique, perfect, I am sure no-one can manage this, I live with it. Perhaps the photo shows the essence of my perfect character. I am waiting for the train at the station and my roving eye is bored. I take the camera searching for the subject of an interesting prize winning photo: something that will remain in the memory, the observer asking what a fantastic view on the world. Of course it is obvious what it is. You say “no” you are still thinking about it. Is it perhaps the remains of an unfinished building, a new type of rain shelter, a sculpture? It is creative, one of the views that imprint the meaning of creative and chaotic on the brain, it is the view over the station showing part of the electric construction – at least I think it is. I just found it an interesting subject for a photo.

That is creative chaos pure. There are times at home, when Mr. Swiss spends many wasted minutes searching for an important instrument in the kitchen: perhaps scissors which have their place in the drawer with other such cutting instruments. This is where the chaos plays a main part in the organisation and where creativity is pushed onto the side-line. I might have used the scissors in the garden to cut the stem of a plant and left them on the table on the porch. We do have garden cutters, but mostly I cannot find them in the garden cupboard. Mr. Swiss applies my creative logic and eventually finds them, muttering some incoherent sentence in Swiss German about putting things back in their right place. The Swiss are a very much organised nation, I discovered this fact after 47 years of living in the country.

If you take a walk on a country path, always greet people you see and if they are older that yourself you must greet them, it is an insult if you do not greet first of all. It is now soothing to know why everyone greets me first of all. If you enter a train and there are four empty seats, one of which is occupied, always ask the person sitting on the occupied seat if the others are free, even if there is no other person in the range of your sight. Do not sit in an empty seat without asking first, otherwise you could would create a chaotic situation.

Back to home – it might be that I am creating one of my five star menus in the kitchen. My creative working methods are greatly misunderstood. Mr. Swiss asks why I need perhaps four sharp knives, when one would suffice. He probably has a point, but the dishwasher always has room for one more knife. I must admit there are times at the end of the day when the supply of small spoons is almost non-existent. Is it really necessary to use a separate spoon for a cup of coffee and a cup of tea? Just a quick rinse under the tap saves the situation it seems. Another proof that chaotic creativity reigns in the working day.

Reflecting to the time when I was a working woman in an office. I was often astonished that everyone in the office had neat piles of work on their desks. My boss was also astonished that I found everything on my desk as it was a desk resembling an attack from one of those wind machines used on leaf strewn paths in Autumn. Here a sheet of paper, there a sheet of paper and now and again a pile of papers arranged with corners peeping out in all directions. Some of A the corners were even “dogeared”. For me this was organised creativity, for my boss it was a source of worry, hoping that I had everything under control. Of course I did, just a matter of how you look at it.

Some may think I never take things seriously, of course I do, I always look on the bright side of life and somehow I always find what I cannot find, you learn to live with it.

By the way further to yesterday’s perfect blog maintaining my WordPress reputation, I would add yes, I am still sneezing. There is still a pressure behind my eyes and my nose has increased in colour, resembling that of Rudolf, Santa’s favourite reindeer. I now have a real sexy voice, being slightly nasal with a crack in the resonance. Unfortunately I still have my voice, which has not yet been lost. Those would be the colds that enhance my reputation of being a quiet person, modest and not being heard into the bargain. 

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