Wednesday, 11 December 2013

WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge: Multi Media Story Telling

For this week’s challenge, let’s celebrate and use the online tools we have and create a multimedia post: it can be a story, a photo essay, a poem, an experimental and sensory piece, and anything else. The one requirement is to include at least three elements

Pond in Feldbrunnen

Everything was wrong from the beginning. Mr. Matlock decided that the foundation for his new project, high rise appartment blocks for the working population, would be built here. Exactly, over the swamp. It was not exactly a swamp: land that no-one wanted, because of its habit to attract water which stayed and festered on the grass base. It was a paradise for frogs, dragon flies, worms and even slugs. Their days were counted when the excavators and dredgers arrived. They also had to use pumps to dry the land completely, but undaunted they carried on. It rained from time to time and so they began at the beginning. There was a toad migration, but this was no problem. They found new pastures in the local park. There were many parents objecting to their children bringing home their new pets. The children at the school had a new game, toad racing.

To continue, work had to be done. The next small problem was when they discovered the skeletal remains.


The locals were a little worried to say the least. First a swamp complete with toads and now a skeleton, a beheaded skeleton to say the least. The problem was given to the police who passed it on to the archeologists, where they discovered that the bones were at least one hundred years old. The remains were afterwards exhibited in the local museum.

Work continued.

Building work, Feldbrunnen

Bring me, fetch me, give me a hammer
Don’t just stand there, what did you stammer?
Slave away, all day if we must
Just keep on moving, or your bones will rust
What did you say, you want a drink
We have programmes to complete
So think, think, think
After work we have time to sit down and relax
So just keep on moving and please no wisecracks
This house must be built before winter arrives
So act like men and not old wives
Where is the drill, now start to bore
You lazy bunch, I want more, more, more
We are here to labour and work, work, work
So use your muscles and don’t be a jerk
The whistle is blowing, it is now time to go
Tomorrow be here for another work show

Helicopter over Feldbrunnen

It was becoming a problematic building scheme. Fist of all drain the swamp, then wait for a few months until the monument preservation society was switched in when the skeletons were found, as well as a police investigation. Evenutally a helicopter had to be employed when the building started to sink into the soft underlying damp ground and concrete had to be dumped along the supports to stop this.


When the buildings were finished the families moved into the new appartments. There were large windows and in the evening they could watch the crows gather in the sky around the trees bordering the houses calling in loud cackles, as if they were bewitched . The people did not stay long and moved out after a few months. It seems there was a strange damp smell rising through the walls and floorboards. Some of the people even saw misty figures passing through walls and screams were often heard, especially at midnight. It was when a glass vase was pushed from a table, as if by an unseen hand, or a fried egg was suddently thrown onto a wall for no reason, that the inhabitants ran from their new appartments, never to return.

The new estate is now empty, no families could be found to move in, although the appartments would cost very little.

A year later the new estate was demolished and today only a green swamp can be seen – and sometimes people say there are bones floating on the surface.

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  1. A more than a little fact mixed in with the fiction, methinks :-)) Good one, Pat!!