Saturday, 7 December 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Fifteen Minutes

You have 15 minutes to address the whole world live (on television or radio — choose your format). What would you say? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us THE BIG MOMENT.

Entertainers in Solothurn

Good evening world. You may now stop cheering and clapping. I know you have all waited for this moment in time to hear and see the person behind The Blog. Yes, somewhere in the cyber universe I found a place to be me, to impart my vast knowledge and make the world a different place. Here I am in person.

For two men dressed in gold it was their big moment when they stood in minus temperatures on the market place in the little Swiss market town of Solothurn. They did not expect fame, they just wanted to show “here we are”, they wanted to leave their mark on the world. To leave a never-to-be-forgotten effect they chose gold as their colour. Their rewards were just a few francs left in a bowl on the street.

I too never expected fame, it just arrived. My words of wisdom appearing in the Anglo-Swiss Chronicles over the past years have now been recognised and I am standing before you in flesh and blood.

(Pause for clapping and cheering)

Thankyou, thankyou. It is not an easy task to write continuously to capture the attention of a growing audience, but over the years my talent seems to have grown and adapted. I, however remain the same modest shy person I have always been. My words of wisdom are taken from the experiences of life and follow the theme of a daily prompt. I hear some people saying “not always”. I am only human and sometimes might wander off on a tangent, a mind breaking exceptionally talented tangent, composing my thoughts, rising to a higher level of perception and understanding, almost the quantum mathematics of literature.

Unfortunately my work has not yet been recognised worldwide and still remains an insiders’ tip amongst my followers and disciples on the world wide web of WordPress. There are also other places where my fingers of knowledge and invention have infiltrated, such as Facebook and Blogger, but I am still working on this and have not yet reached all the billions of Facebook members. They do not know what they are missing.

(Pause for more claps and there is a banner showing the words “Down with Facebook” accompanied by boos)

I would mention my three felines, Nera, Tabby and Fluffy, without whom I would sometimes be at a loss to impart my thoughts, my examples of Blog. They give me their constant supporting meows and scratches when I might fail to find the correct words. In this connection I would also mention Mr. Swiss, my constant support and assistant who bears with me reading my words of wisdom and sometimes daring to criticise.

I conclude this laudation of my talents, what more can I say? Are there perhaps any members of the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize committee here? If so, you know what to do to spread my words of wisdom in the world. Just an annual prize would suffice. Any financial contributions are gratefully accepted, my financial details can be found on I am, of course, also available for photos showing my fans shaking my hand. Think what a wonderful souvenir it would be for your children and grandchildren, The cost of a photo is open for discussion.

Posters of myself can be found on the desks at the entrances as you leave. These are free of charge and may be hung in public places such as town halls, railway stations and universities.

(resounding applause, cheers and banners showing “Up with Angloswiss” and “Angloswiss forever”) 

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