Friday, 6 December 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Santa in Migros

Allow me a few words. Blogger/Multiply is a great site to blog and write and over the years I have met a lot of wonderful people.

In this sense I invite you all to raise a glass in the honour of


Yes, my simple modest self decided to invite you all to a cyber celebration. Of course I had to breathe my first breath of life on St.Nicolas day, meaning in mainland Europe that I celebrate my birthday with thousands of children celebrating St. Nicolas Day. At least it is a day to remember. I even met the two Santa Claus this morning in the local supermarket. Just as I wanted to take a photo where they were shaking my hand and congratulating, they turned their backs and walked away. Nevertheless, undaunted I took a photo and added a few decorations to make it a little festive.

This year is a quiet celebration, 67 years is no big deal.  


  1. Happy Birthday, Pat!! I'll raise a glass with my dinner this evening. I, too, am a December child. Mine is on the 11th.

  2. Happy birthday! May you have many more.

  3. Happy Birthday to you Pat, here's to you! May your year be filled with blessings.