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WordPress Daily Prompt: Love to Love You

What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LOVE.

Apfelküche Marcel

Cogito ergo sum as Rene Descartes the French philosopher, mathematician, and writer said, and I assume he knew what he was talking about. You do not understand, well to be honest neither do I, my Latin is not so perfect. It is a dead language, so it does not have to be perfect. What this great master actually said in plain English was “I think, therefore I am” which just about knocks the nail on the head.

It does not for you? For me neither, but let us not worry the question is what do you love most about yourself. I really do not know where to start.

My wonderful straight grey hair, which it turning whiter day for day.
My unique nose: in size almost unbeatable.
My gift for writing super blogs, an event in the world of blogging
My undiscovered writing talents, waiting to make an impact in the world of literature

I was going to continue with my gift of cooking five star menus, food that melts in the mouth, tickling the taste buds and being the talk of the town.

“Mrs. Angloswiss, the best cook I know. It is a pleasure to be honoured with an invitation to her table. Her soups are unbeatable (huh? I buy them in a packet), fresh vegetable cooked with love, and meat dishes from the realm of the unbelievable.” This is what I like to hear from all those that have been honoured to share the dining table at home. That was until an unforgettable day last week.

I have an apple tree in the garden, and as always it brought forth over one hundred apples this year, which are waiting to be eaten in a large basket. Unfortunately there are only three of us at home, and apples do not last forever. Do I stew them and fill them into glass jars, do I preserve them, dehydrate them, or shall I freeze them (I do not think that will work)? Such were the thoughts going through my head until Mr. Swiss said “I think I will make an apple tart” (Äpfelkuche in German, but it all boils down to the same thing).

I had to hold my breath until this remark sunk into my brain. So he repeated the sentence, wondering if I had heard. He then added it would be an idea if I could point him in the right direction when he started.

“When?” was my question.

“Now” was the answer.

OK but when I do something I like to plan when and how and take time. I was just beginning to write one of my unique irreplaceable blogs and my train of thought was disturbed. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss was already in the kitchen slicing apples and preparing pastry for the form (no big problem, since we can buy pastry ready rolled and in the necessary shape), but for a beginner, like Mr. Swiss, this was not so easy.

As I heard no unnecessary exicItement in the kitchen I decided to let him continue without too much intervention (and I wanted to write my blog). I heard the oven being switched on and the warming up noises.

“I think it is ready for the oven” was the next sentence I heard from Mr. Swiss. Yes he did it all on his own, the apple slices were arrange symmetrically in the pastry and ready to be baked. I noticed they were carefully placed in the form, a geometrical pattern. I did not make a remark “that looks wonderful” as I was still wondering why my apple tarts never look so nice before being baked. The tart was placed in the oven and Mr. Swiss made the filling to be added when the pastry is half cooked.

I was sure this would be an obstacle on the way, but no. Mr. Swiss was armed with one of my many cookery books showing the ingredients to be used. He had everything ready and asked if that was all it needed. I made a few suggestions to perhaps change some ingredients (actually it was perfect, but I had to prove my point that apple tarts were not so easy to make) and after mixing the filling it was poured over the half cooked apple tart.

As you can see from the photo it was a success. I managed to complete my blog with no further excitement. Actually this is a photo is of the second apple tart that Mr. Swiss made (all on his own). The first was eaten so quickly I did not have time to take a photo.

Our supply of apples is now diminishing thanks to my new pastry cook. So what do I love most of all about my favourite person? I do not do personal stuff in a blog but I would say he makes a good apple tart.

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