Saturday, 16 November 2013

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Heidi and me - at the hairdressers

One of the most important persons in my life is my hairdresser. Without her I would be walking around like something on the ten most scruffy people list. The days have arrived when I cannot just let it grow, it is too grey, too fine and would just hang like wet cotton threads. So I boarded the local train and paid a visit to Heidi, the No. 1 person in the life of my hair.

The appointment was made and I arrived in time, just a little early, but no problem.

“Hello Mrs. Angloswiss”. was the greeting from the ladies in the saloon. I was invited to take a seat and noticed Heidi was busy with her last victim customer. I had to no time to say hello, a basin was pushed under my head, my seat put into tilted position and the water was pouring over my head.

“How is the temperature” asked the young lady assistant.

“Fine” and then the shampooing work began. It was finished, I survived and Heidi was standing next to my chair.

“How do you want it?” was the question.

“Short” was my answer and then the work begun. Heidi snipped and we had a little accompanying chat.

“How’s the feline” was my question. We are both owned by felines. Heidi is one of my neighbours; we live in the same village. “

“Did he return home?”

The last time we met, the feline in question had disappeared. He was new to Heidi’s home, had not yet taken complete charge and was on a walkabout for a few days/weeks probably to discover the new surroundings.

“He returned safe and sound. He was well fed and looked after. After placing an SMS in the local newspaper it seemed that the feline in question had read the search report and decided to report back home.”

Or did his new owner that found him wandering, fed him and looked after him, obtain a guilty conscience and let him go. Feline was again home and this time had no great longing to leave.

The time flew and Heidi with her flink accomplished gift of applying the scissors and comb was soon finished, a hairdressing virtuoso. I am always accompanied by a camera, so took a photo to commemorate the day of the haircut: Me sitting in the chair with half cut hair and Heidi on the right.

Again a perfect job.

“Do I really have so much grey hair?”

Heidi looked perplexed, a little puzzled.

“But you told me to cut out the dark hair out, to make the complete picture more consistent and now we have the result, everthing in 50 shades of grey” (now where have I heard that before).

Of course that was a Heidi joke (I hope) and I did still have a little fringe of dark at the edges: oh the delights of a olden goldie.

We were finished, an assistant was waiting behind me with my coat and scarf and Heidi proceeded to the till.

After paying my debt, Heidi stretched out a friendly hand and wished me “Happy Christmas”. Heidi was telling me “See you next year in the saloon” – the words of a professional and capable hairdresser, knowing exactly how quickly my hair would grow ready for the next amputation.  She also remarked that we probably would not meet again this side of 2013.

However, I had a feeling that I might see Heidi in the village, in the surroundings (she only lives across the street) some time. Perhaps she might be looking for her cat, although I think her cat now knows where he/she belongs. 

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  1. By an odd coincidence I got my hair cut today. I was starting to look a bit like the 'wild man of Borneo' (ok, slight exaggeration!!). It is now nicely short again. When I arrived in the hairdressers a young girl of about 20 thrust a piece of paper in my hand and looked at me expectantly. I had to dig my reading glasses out of my pocket. Apparently she is a trainee who is still supervised and if I agreed to let her cut my hair I would receive a discount. Well, she has to learn somehow, so I agreed with a smile. She looked most relived and grateful. She did a good job and I gave her a tip as I was paying.

  2. That can also happen here in the larger hairsressers. I was at the coiffeur yesterday for a haircut.

  3. My last visit to a hair salon was most unpleasant. Did that sound snobby? A friend told me about this young girl who had opened up her own salon not far from my home. So, I decided to wander on over there and get my haircut. All was going well; we were having a nice conversation and she was doing a nice job on my hair. Layers, lots of layers I told her, and she was happy to comply. My hair is very wavy so the only way I can rein it in is with lots of layers. Suddenly, and out of no where, this woman comes by sits in the chair directly to the right of me. She turned it around so she was facing me and started to watch me. She then proceeded to ask my every question about my personal life - things like where I work, how old I am, what I do for a living, my marital status...blah...blah...blah. It was like I was some kind of interesting study project which had fascinated her. I was trying to be polite but my patience began to wear thin as she started asking me some very nosey and creepy questions. I won't tell you what they were...but they were creepy.

    The haircut was great. The company and the unwanted interview was not. I have to find out if that woman is going to be there next time I go.!

    1. One of those interesting encounters in life that you could do without. I have been going to Heidi for a few years. She runs the place, also does men haircuts. It is fun when I visit her. She has time for everyone, always ready for a friendly chat. There is also a cup of cofffee/tea/mineral water included if you want one. Looks like you will have to look for another hairdresser if you get third degree interviews while sitting in the chair. Sounds like the beginning of a Harry Bosch story.