Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Creative Challenge 276: Eye to Eye


Now that is easier said than done. Which eye do you want, and which sort. I have the eyes for details and the eyes for moving things. See there is a grasshopper taking a jump, but do not ask me how many legs he has. Of course I know, but I then have to use my other eyes. I once looked a spider in the eye eyes. Luckily he hadn’t finished weaving his web so I was the one that got away. That could have been a nasty death for a fly, wrapped in threads as a packed lunch.

The problem is I never have time for an eye to eye talk. Every time I do a landing manoeuvre, someone takes a swipe with something and I have to move on – are you listening human? I once had an eye to eye talk with a lady fly: that was a long discussion until we had finished getting our eyes together, but successful. She had the most beautiful children and when they grew up that had such wonderful eyes, eyes, eyes etc. etc. etc.

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  1. LOL. Good one, Pat :-)) A fly's eye is a fascinating thing. I wonder what it is like to look out from compound eyes? How does the world look?

  2. I love this perspective...the eyes have it, all of them!

  3. LOL.....The eye(s) of a fly are indeed fascinating and what a pity the vile fly is the endowed one. The thoughts of a fly visiting a pile of dung....ingesting some as if a dessert....landing on my salad and regurgitating somply does not allow me to love thos critter...YUKKKK

  4. Cool picture and creative write. Well done.

  5. Love both the shot and the write... very creative perspective!

  6. Do you suppose a fly is consdidered hadicapped if he is blind in one eye? I wonder how many eyes he must be blind in before he gets a white cane. Who helps him get around? Does he get a seeing eye moth? Yeah, you are right. I definitely have too much time on my hands...