Sunday, 27 October 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DAWN.

Sunrise Migros, Langendorf

I could now get all sloppy and poetical

I embrace the golden sun rays of the dawn
New beginning to a new day
Full of hopes
Reflections of rebirth at the local supermarket

No, this is not the idea. Looking at my photos, I do have a section labelled as sunrise where I found this specimen, but containing only approximately four photos. What on earth was I doing at the local supermarket at such an unearthly hour in the morning? Actually it was probably not so early, but in the depth of winter the sun rises later, if it rises at all. My sunset file contains at least twenty photos, yes I am a morning grouch (finding this word in an online dictionary).

WordPress you are playing with my internal clock today, a sequel to what happened this morning at 3 a.m. when we had to put our clocks back to 2 a.m. Is this the opposite of daylight saving time, known perhaps as daylight unsaving time? Who cares, I got one hour more sleep and that is OK with me. Who wants to wake and rise to see the dawn? I suppose some do, but that is not in my time table. I let the birds get on with it in summer, singing their pretty little heads off at the crack of dawn, letting us all know it is time to rise. Since being a golden oldie, this no longer impresses me, sometimes I hear them and sometimes I do not. I just make another turn in bed, am thankful for small mercies, and dream on until 7.30.

This morning I had a feeling of satisfaction, at last the hour that I lost in Spring had been found. I left my bed at 7.30 a.m. feeling refreshed for a good night’s sleep with the positive knowledge that it was actually 8 30 a.m., what could be better. I do not even think the birds accompanied this with a song; they were also catching up on their lost sleep, or perhaps waking everyone in the Southern half of the world.

I am also not a computer addict that I have to stay online until three in the morning, making sure I miss nothing. What happens in the cyber world through the dark hours is not my problem. Generally I am offline around 7.30 in the evening; sometimes perhaps 9.00 p.m. according to what brilliant idea I may have for a super prize suspicious blog. I am the proud possessor of an iPad, so if necessary I can always keep in touch whilst sitting in my comfortable armchair. Naturally I really only use my iPad in the evening for reading purposes (my Kindle app is on the iPad). So I usually hit the hay (I think I got that one from my friends across the pond) around 11.30. Yesterday I risked until midnight due to daylight unsaving.

The best hour of the day: definitely not the morning hours when I am occupied with housewife chores hobbies such as cleaning, shopping and cooking. Perhaps the hours after lunch when I have my golden oldie refreshment sleep. I noticed today that instead of receiving my daily prompt at 2.00 p.m. when I am usually taking my afternoon refreshment sleep, I now receive it at 1.00 p.m. This is no real problem, I can dream about what to write during my midday sleep. On the other hand I found at least 30-40 contributions already on the list when I arose, so mine will now be later.

WordPress you surprise me by thinking that we all get this daily prompt at six in the morning, when the first sun rays break over the cyber horizon. We live in a big world with a date line in between. We, in Europe, receive it at the beginning of the afternoon, and the Australians – they have to wait until the late evening hours.

And as the golden sun sinks slowly in the West, we dream of another dawn that will wake us all refreshed with its golden rays of new life (whilst I am still sleeping).

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  1. Clocks went back by an hour here, too. I've very rarely photographed sunrises, sunsets are more my thing. I do stay up usually to around 2am, but that's so I can chat with Joanne, because of the time difference. Doesn't matter anyway, because I've always been a night-owl, all my life.