Saturday, 26 October 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Breakdown

Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BROKEN.

Twilight in Feldbrunnen

Where shall we start? One of the habits I have at the moment arrives in the evening. Our twilight zone scenes of sundown are habit forming if you enjoy taking photos. Yesterday it happened when I was getting ready to eat a cheese tart fresh from the oven accompanied by a plate of minestrone soup. I was just about to raise the first spoon full of soup to my lips and someone said (Mr. Swiss?), look at that beautiful sky. Soup and cheese tart forgotten, a grab for the super Nikon DSLR camera and I was wading amongst weeds, damp earth and grass to arrive at the place outside near the garden to catch the last sun rays. I naturally took more photos when I was there and this is one of the last as the sun was almost disappearing. The tower in the distance is the St Urs Cathedral of our local town, framed with various bushes and trees from the local surroundings. Luckily my soup and cheese tart were still warm when I eventually returned to the table: the trials of a photographer trying for a Pulitzer prize (have I said that before?).

Habits are many, but I have conquered them all. I stopped smoking (a packet a day) about fifteen years ago, I stopped biting my finger nails a long while ago, although I shifted towards the skin surrounding the nail. Even that has almost been conquered because …. I am too busy writing and composing works of literature for my daily prompt. I have followers, disciples, views to maintain and entertain. Imagine the disappointed like clicking fingers when my contribution would be missing: Even the WordPress people might miss me. It is now almost a year and I have done it every day, although I do have another life.

As I sit in the kitchen typing this pièce de résistance, I look through the window to the garden, noticing there are a few yellowing leaves and remnants of the summer to be cleared away. I am thinking of the pizza I will compose for the evening meal and of a photo challenge I have to complete in blogger returning my thoughts to the computer. I have, however, decided I do not want to break this habit. It is harmless, takes an hour of my time during the day and fills in a few minutes when I view the other contributions.

Actually I would have been in England over the past week to visit my father, but things have taken a negative turn with him and he now needs care. The wheels of care turn slowly in England, if at all, and I am only prepared to go when I can do something. His neighbour is leaving and he no longer has someone near to see to his needs. In the meanwhile this is being organised, although I am now onto finding a safe place for him to live, be it a home or sheltered accommodation. This means I will be here for some time until something happens and then suddenly I will be gone for a week or so.

Back to the habits I should break. I broke the Facebook habit a year ago, when I stopped gaming and building cafés and farms which do not exist. WordPress pointed me in the direction of making my own site in Facebook and that is where you will find me. This is also now a habit, cross posting my brilliant blogs into this new site. Facebook is now only there for this or for saying happy birthday to a few colleagues. All the “I love my mother and father, cat and dog stuff” I have left behind me. I even noticed today that someone is telling everyone her dresses have arrived, or that someone has decided to ignore their partner, huh?

I can honestly say all the habits that remain I enjoy and do not want to break them. Perhaps cooking for the family is a habit, but they all seem to depend on food, and we cannot afford to engage a cook.

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  1. Sorry, I somehow managed to miss this post yesterday. A major habit I have broken is, like you, smoking. I gave up in 2005. Photography plays such a large part in my life (outside of work, that is) that I can't imagine ever giving it up!! But then, I wouldn't class it as a 'habit' anyway. As someone who is prone to OCD in a mild way, I have many little habits that probably go un-noticed by others, or maybe they are noticed but not commented on. As I've gotten older I've noticed I'm developing a habit of talking to myself, but that might be a consequence of living alone for most of the time.