Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Creative Challenge 363 The Culprit

Ollie and Marcel with computer

“It wasn’t me, it was the computer.”

“But it cannot just disappear, it must be somewhere.”

“Honest, it was there and suddenly the screen went blank. Do you think mum will be annoyed. It was one of her blogs that she was writing.”

“She must have saved it somewhere.”

“Will have a look. No, nothing.”

“Do you think she will be annoyed?”

“You know how she is when it concerns her works of literature. What was it about?”

“I think it was one of her cat stories.”


“Can you remember the title? You know her cat stories are unique.”

“Yes, something called The Culprit.”

“Are you reading my new blog?”

“Err, yes mum.”

“But it was a cat story. I thought you never read my cat stories.”

“Was it an important story mum?”

“All my written works are important, they are unique.”

“Oh, there was a small accident. It sort of disappeared.”

“Things do not just disappear unless someone made them disappear. A good job that I knew you were going to use my computer while you were here. That is why I saved my new blog on a memory stick. Better to be safe than sorry.”

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  1. Brilliant, as always!
    Thanks for your visit and comment. In fact, that was a very quick shot. I was running on a car in the opposite direction...

  2. :) Anyone who owns a computer will relate to this! Perfect photo to go with it too...

  3. This was soooooooo good!!

    As Danette stated...I sure can relate! ( but when I was a novice....I was the culprit who made things disappear!!)

  4. BTW....I noticed your post for CC was numbered 363....if that's a premonition The future for CC looks very bright!!!!!!

  5. One of your best.