Saturday, 6 April 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Third from the top

Head to "Blogs I Follow" in the reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post and work it into your own.
Huh? Just a little bit stupid. According to where we live we get the daily prompt at other times. It hits me at 15.00, three in the afternoon, which gives me an hour or so to think about it. Today I go to the third post at three in the afternoon and what do I get? I get the Daily Prompt telling me about the third from the top and it has no third sentence, being short and sweet as ever.

So what do I do? I clean the shower (as is usual on Saturday afternoon), just thirty minutes of my precious senior citizen time and look in again. Great, my next chance is a small poem called
Whisper, wonderfully written, but just two little sentences – foiled again. This is getting interesting.

So either I cheat (in the Daily Prompt!) A reason for expulsion from the prompt, exiling me from my daily duty, or I give up. Shall I have another look? Perhaps No. 3 is now No. 4 and I have a new chance. Nothing of the sort, I am still stuck with either the one sentence Daily Prompt or the two sentence poem.

I had another look, and guess what, one of my blogger friends doing the daily prompt has taken a sentence from another daily prompt contributor . It is
LIKEREADINGONTRAINS and his third sentence is “Terence continues raving so much about Game of Thrones on Facebook”. Good for Terence I did not even know there was a game about this, and know it only from the book, which I have not read. I used to rave about games on Facebook a few years ago. It was my golden oldie pasttime after reaching the age of retirement. Nothing better to do than chase points, farming fictitious lands, feeding fictitious pets, or running a restaurant that only existed in Internet. So I wish Terence much success with his newly found pasttime and hope he does no forget that there is a real world out there somewhere.

I have a meal to cook and other housewify tasks to fulfil, so will call it a day. Sorry Daily Prompt, but you seem to have missed the prompting point today. Everyone have fun. Here is a picture of the day perhaps to brighten you outlook on what might be going on in the real world.

This is also my third picture in my Flickr album, just to keep the lucky No 3 order showing Fluffy the feline having his daily read of the newspaper.
Fluffy on the newspaper


  1. It seems that fate or luck or whatever you choose to call it was playing a game with you today, with the numbers :-))

    I was wondering if 'Terence' was actually raving about the US TV series called 'Game Of Thrones' rather than it being a Facebook game? A possibility, I suppose.

  2. Just decided to follow this blog. I too have a Blogger blog in addition to my Wordpress.

    If you're interested in following it (only 2 followers, so doubt you will), you can go click on the lamp image or name and it should take you there, or copy and paste this address into your browser.


  3. That was funny! Could you not have consulted your blogspot reader too? Or google reader? They didn't specify. Having squids that, you did a great job of blogging out of their one and two liners :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. I did not even know I had a WordPress reader, but the Daily Prompts are in WordPress. I just do a copy/paste here and on Muzenews as well as in FB. WordPress has now become my main site for blogging.

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