Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Creative Challenge 248: The colour of

Darwin tulips green

“What’s red?” asked my feline Nera.

“It’s a colour Nera, why do you ask?”

“Just wondering Mrs. Human. What does red look like?”

“The tulip in the garden is red Nera, look.”

“Aha, but the tulip is sort of blue, or is it green. Tabby what do you think?”

Nera’s sister studied the tulip for a while.

“If you ask me it is just sort of medium, not dark, but not quite light. Almost the same as it’s leaves which are green, but perhaps just a little brighter. Why do you ask?”

“Mrs. Human has a challenge all about colours, so I thought I would help her, but I don’t think the word “colour” exists in meow.”

“Of course, it doesn’t Nera” answered Tabby “we do not need colours. When night falls we just concentrate on what moves, if it is covered in fur, then eat it. Who cares if it is Red or pink or orange, even brown.”

I decided to intervene in this intellectual conversation.

“Felines, do you want to tell me that you do not see colours?”

“Is that so important?” asked Nera “as Tabby says, if it moves eat it. What we see moves, that is all that is necessary.”

“But you must see the beautiful colours of the flowers in the garden. Red, orange, yellow….”

“Mrs. Human we do not eat flowers, so who cares if it has colours or not” said Nera.

“But sometimes things look different Nera. I think the humans call it blue, like the sky does, or green like the grass. All the rest looks a bit grey-white-blackish to me” added Tabby.

“Just a minute felines” I interrupted “you mean you only see shades of grey, blue and green.”

“Yes Mrs. Human, you have it. We can even see more than fifty shades of grey if the light is right. Blues and greens seem to mix in now and again.”

“Listen felines” and blind Fluffy appeared. “I am blind so they say, although I still do not know what that is. I just wanted to add that colours are really not important. I do not miss them, all I know is that if I sink my teeth into it and it is tasty, then it is my next meal. Since when do we eat colours?”

“Fluffy you have a very good point there. You see Mrs. Human” said Nera “who needs colours, you cannot eat colours, so who cares. One think I know is that it is now getting darker, so I will expand my scope of vision to make sure nothing escapes my claws and I am off for the hunt. Are you coming Tabby?”

“I am with you Nera” and they both disappeared. Fluffy decided to sleep further.

One think I have now learnt, that my felines do not see colours as we do, it seems light and dark and more than fifty shades of grey with some black and white, although their green and blues seem to appear. Are they colour blind?”

“Did you say something Mrs. Human?”

“No Nera, just forget it. Enjoy your hunt.”

I decided a further discussion on colour would be a lost cause.

Darwin tulips

I read an interesting article about how felines see colours so I based this blog on it.

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  1. I learned something new, I never realized cats didn't see a full range of color,
    I am sure it doesn't matter...they know the "color" of tuna fish :)

  2. Very interesting write, Pat. I do remember reading about cats not seeing colours and I remember years ago, having a disagreement with a fellow show jumper about horses seeing colour. Something about the scary jump and it being with red drums and the poles with the red and blue and the green stripes, forget the outcome and actually still not sure if horses can differentiate or see colours???

  3. Very interesting, I never knew that cats seeing colors this way.

  4. And dogs have the same filtered view
    Cool... dialogue :)

    1. That was also mentioned in the article I read. I must say I was surprised myself, thinking that they probably only had b/w/grey vision.

  5. If you edited the photo, good job for the first one!

    1. I edited the first photo. At last I have discovered a good editing programme. Ribbet. It is almost the same as Piknik was but with a bit more. At the moment the Premium features are all free. You can also connect it to Flickr and Facebook and a few other programmes. I have it connected to my Flickr and it is great. Easy to manage and has a lot of features. I missed Piknik quite a lot, but now am glad to have found this programme.

  6. I hate the thoughts of being green or grey to my cat....I sure hope she doesn't see me 50 lbs heavier...LOL

    As a 'kat' owner I knew this but had totally your reminder!!

  7. Thanks for teaching me something I didn't know. Love the two photos. Beautiful editing in the first and wonderful red tulips in the original photo.