Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Creative Challenge 239: Thingamajig

Kati's Aluminium tree

When Bob completed his Thingamajig he really felt proud of himself.

“What’s that” asked his neighbour who was looking over the fence. When he got the answer he started to wish he had not asked. He found Bob was a nice neighbour to have, quiet, industrious and always ready to help, even if he did have some strange ideas.

Bob had built his creation in the garden. It was a silent creation. No hammer, no nails, no chiseling, just a creative work.

“Hi Fred” answered Bob, “that is my newest invention.”

“But what does it do Bob” asked Fred, although he soon thought that was not a good question.

Bob was glad that Fred showed interest in his creation. In his monotonous life, he did not have much enjoyment. His wife had left him and was now together with the local milkman. She found Bob was just boring and nothing ever happened. His children decided to move out with their mother. Bob was just not the sort of dad you were proud to talk about. Other fathers were more interesting, visited football matches, and took their children to see an adventure film, or went to the zoo with them. Now Bob had found the meaning of life.

“Fred, it is a thingamajig, it is ideal for contemplating the development of the meaning of life. Or you can mix it with your internal thoughts on dadaism and the direction it will take. Some experts even find it an inspiration in the future developments of urban existence. Personally I do not really hold a lot on that, I find it a soothing example of international connections concerning the solution of problems pertaining to phenomenological psychology.”

“Aha” answered Fred, although he somehow got lost when dadaism was mentioned. Truthfully speaking, Fred did not understand a single word. “I have to go Bob” said Fred, “time for dinner” and he disappeared. Actually he had a feeling that Fred had now lost it, and made a very quick retreat.

“No appreciation of true values” thought Bob and left the garden. He had an important meeting on that evening. He was now attending classes on transcendential meditation. He now lived alone, his wife had left him, his work as mail sorter in the local post office was no longer so rewarding. He found it just plain boring. Since he had constructed his thingamajig, he had found a purpose in life. The key to many doors had been opened. His days of boredom came to an end.

Of course, the fact that an art specialist discovered his Thingamajig and decided to exhibit it in the local art gallery had not yet happened. Yes the future for Bob would be good. Thingamajigs would be produced and eventually in every house one would stand in a garden or in a living room to be admired by all. What is the truth behind this work of art?

Bob had to smile to himself. He found it excellent for scaring birds in the garden when they wanted to have a peck at the vegetables he was growing. The thingamajig moved to every slight breeze in the air.

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  1. Ah yes, the far more mundane use for the thingamajig is the most useful. At least in the present :-))

  2. I rather like Bob's thingamajig....Fred needs ta get wiff da program!!! LOL

    Loved it!!!

  3. Bob surely is a super creative person!

  4. It's great when creativity brings about functionality... very well written, as always!

  5. Good for Bob, I like his creativity,Fred is the boring one. Your entry was perfect for the theme.

  6. It seems important that your neighbor's thingamagig incorporates a sense of dadaism particularly since that movement stared in Zurich in the early 20th century. Great photo and great story!