Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Creative Challenge 231 - A Few Minutes

It is really amazing how a few minutes can make for a difference.

This week, it starting to rain on Monday. I love the rain in Winter, if the weather is warm enough which it was. After a week of heavy snowfalls, amounting to fifty centimetres of snow on the ground, rain is very much appreciated to wash the snow away and make the roads fit for a car. On Tuesday afternoon I attend my weekly Tai Chi course which is on the other side of town, and which needs an hour for the journey, taking the local train and then the bus. With a car only ten minutes at the most, meaning I can take it easy after lunch.

Tuesday morning I thought, no more snow on the roads, it is raining. That was until my other said, just before lunch

"Take a look out of the window"

I did, and this was what I saw

It's snowing

Yes, within a few minutes the Swiss weather prophets on the radio were once again proved to be on the wrong line of thought. the rain had turned into snow.

"Looks like I will leave the car at home" I said to Mr. Swiss.

"It might stop snowing" was the answer.

I ignored any further conversation as I was a little disturbed by this snow miracle to say the least. We ate lunch and I stole a glance through the window now and again and saw this.

It's snowing

Our snow had now developped into a one hundred percent snow blizzard, covering everything in its path with a thick layer of white, slippery, unpasssable snow. Oh, how I hate the stuff.  Despite this weather fluke, I did manage to have a thirty minute nap after lunch before getting ready for my arctic expedition to the other side of town.

I dressed in my extra special snow and ice resitant boots, my arctic quilted Winter jacket, became a hoodie and ventured on my way to the train station on the main road. By now the temperatures had become warmer, leaving a wonderful squelching mass of melting snow on the ground, although it was still snowing. Perhaps not so much any more, but that was not possible. I now know how Scott of the Antarctic or Amundson felt when they went on their South Pole expeditions. Unfortunately I did not have a husky with me or a sledge. I did have my camera and this photo was the main road of the village of Feldbrunnen, where I live. 

Snowing, main road Feldbrunnen

And yes it was still snowing. I took a glance at the snow covered roads and saw that I had made a good decision not to travel by car. Eventually the train arrived which took me to the main station, where I had to walk through sludge to cross the road to connect with the bus.

In the meanwhile, again within a few minutes, it had stopped snowing, and guess what? It had started to rain again, making me think I could perhaps have taken the car after all.

When I arrived at my destination I was wet, cold, miserable and glad to get into a warm place.

I was sorting myself out when I saw that my mobile was alive. There was a message on the screen.

"When you are finished, give me a ring, I will pick you up."

Mr. Swiss, my rescuer in the emergency situation. It was so lovely to make a journey in ten minutes instead of an hour. Of course, driving home with Mr. Swiss was no problem. The snow had disappeared as fast as it had arrived. It was raining and the streets and roads were clear.

It really only needs a few minutes to change your situation.
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  1. I really dislike snow too. Thankfully here, it's just rain, rain and more rain.

  2. It's quite normal that circumstances in life change in just few minutes.
    Nice shots under different weather conditions.

  3. Reading this entry and viewing the nice shots leave no doubt at all how weather, like many other circumstances, change in a few minutes. Mr. Swiss was so kind to pick you up and drive you back home...
    Thanks for visiting my entry.

  4. Nice pictures, Pat!
    And how kind of your husband... :)
    We have rain, rain and more rain (just like in England)

  5. Your photos are lovely though I am not cut out for snow...I would have stayed home (I am such a wimp when it comes to the cold).
    I really do like visiting your part of the world through your blogs :)

  6. Am used to snow having lived in Minnesota my entire 72 years. great pictures