Friday, 23 November 2012

The Feline World of computers

Nera planning a web site

"Mrs. Human you are a bit behind with your computers. It's about time you got a new one."

"I'm sorry, Nera, but i don't quite get the meaning. Mr. Human and I both got new computers at the beginning of the year and we are completely satisfied."

"Nera is right Mrs. Human" said Tabby and Fluffy, Nera's feline groupies "this windows 7 stuff is out of date."

"I still don't understand felines. Windows 7 is all that Mr. Human and I need."

"You are missing the point Mrs. Human" said Nera. I had a telepathic conversation with Icat, Bill Gates cat, and he agreed to use his influence with the new developments in computers. That is why Windows 8 has a touch screen and icons to choose. No more paw unfriendly keyboards. It is all planned for a feline friendly handling."

"Nera, felines do not need a computer. They go hunting for mice and birds, or for long walks in the countryside, sniffing out new places. Sitting at a computer is not healthy. And something else. I still have 150 tuna fish tins remaining in the kitchen cupboard from the 200 pieces you ordered on my computer a few months ago. Paw screens for felines are out, my credit card limit would be overworked if you felines have Windows 8. No chance."

"But Mrs. Human you can order our vitamine pellets over the computer and Tabby, Fluffy and I could help out. You would not have to bother any more. No problem, we will do the ordering for you. I noticed they have a new cat playcenter, covered with warm mink fur, and a diamond studied cat flap. And there is a special offer for fresh salmon - two for one. There are untold possibilites for us felines to help you in deciding our diet and welfare. Just a paw or finger touch on a screen and the work is done. We even have your credit card number registered in our feline brains. With Windows 8 it would be so much easier for all of us."

"No felines, "all of us" means Tabby, Nera and Fluffy, and Mr. Human and I can just pay the bills."

"But Icat said ......."

"I don't care what Icat said, Mr. Human and I pay the bills and we make the decisions, so just forget Windows 8 for the time being."

The three cats walked off in a huff. Later that evening I overheard a conversation.

"That didn't work Nera, so how are you going to explain it when the Windows 8 laptop arrives next week, the one you ordered with Mrs. Human's credit card on the computer."

"No problem Tabby, the first reaction will be anger, the second surprise and when they see what a wonderful advantage it is just to touch the screen and follow the photos, they will be satisfied. It is a computer for dummies, but they won't realise that. We just convinvce them that they have the most advanced technical development in computers and they will soon accept.

Nera finished with the computer


  1. the colour fits together .. smarty .. enjoy the weekend pat <3

  2. LOL. If you're anything like me, you won't want this touch-screen technology. I feel much more comfortable with a desk-top computer with a proper keyboard. I don't even like laptops much, even the conventional kind.

  3. I am the same as Mitch. Gimme a desktop any day. If I had a lappy I would never get anything done.

    I absolutely adore your beautiful kitty. Loved your story too.

  4. We have 5 laptops at home. I wouldn't have the room for a desktop computer. One for online finance, two for me (one with photos) and two for Mr. Swiss (one with music). We just wouldn't have the room otherwise. We also have one in the cellar, a desktop still on the old Windows system, but not online. I just have my ancestry stuff still on it.

  5. She's so nice...
    (from the Belgian with the cats )
    Have a nice WE!