Friday, 23 November 2012

The Barriers are down

Local Train Feldbrunnen-Solothurn
Yesterday I did my last posting in Multiply, I said goodbye to those that still bother to look and decided, wait until the morning and see the reactions. As I only got about three I decided it was time to go. No-one will miss me, a lot of my active colleagues are in Blogger/Blogspot and Google+, so I will not feel so neglected. 

This morning between 08.00 and 09.00 a.m. my Multiply site ceased to exist. 


  1. Great. I remember when I stopped playing games in FB. I felt free and now with no Multiply, I don't even miss it. Over the last couple of weeks it was dying a slow death in any case. Just a couple of people there but mostly friends of friends. I don't need an audience or people to chat with over the computer. Getting older, I have discovered I just like to do my own thing and have fun with it. No stress, no pressure. But I like to learn new things and develop on the way.

  2. I'm just tootling around tidying a few things up before I'm ready to shut up shop over there. I stopped actually posting anything on Multiply a couple of weeks ago with the exception of PT, and that too goes 'live' here on Blogger this weekend. Here's to the future.

  3. well Pat .. I left ...and dont turn back .. its good to klnow to meet lots here .. its our second desaster .. and hope a 3 rd doesnt follow

  4. I have deleted all my photos, saved all the blogs worth saving and only peek in every now and then. I stopped blogging there weeks ago, most of my friends are gone already so just feeling a bit nostalgic. It has been a good time there .... now we move on :)

    By the way, I do stay on Blogger too ;)

  5. I felt as though a weight came off my shoulders when I left multiply and am loving it here.

  6. I left that site many weeks ago and haven't looked back. I left sometime in August as the crowd was starting to thin out, and most of my friends were already established on other sites. No reason to stay behind yet I miss Multiply at times.