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United Friends Challenge #241: The Return of the Dragon

Caghs' Challenge
Many cultures are fascinated by dragons, and many fiction writers have explored dragon mythology in great depth, presenting dragons as anything from friendly and helpful creatures through to terrifying beasts to be feared. My challenge to you, then, is to write a story of between 250 and 1000 words that explores dragon lore, particularly 'where did dragons come from?' (there MUST be a reference to the first dragon/s). This can take the form of a mock-umentary, a fictional 'history', or simply a short story about the first dragons. Feel free to take liberties with your presentation of the subject, but stick to the word limit ... and have fun!
Extract from Captain Galan’s log book,
Commander of Animal Colonisation projects in other Worlds.

After the failure of our attempt to colonise the dinosaurs on the new planet Earth many centuries ago, we decided to introduce our dragons. The dinosaurs were just too big for their brains, but dragons are an intelligent species and if nothing else works, we thought they could burn their way through life.

Today I am on our final mission to take home the last surviving dragon on earth. Since the dragons were settled on the earth another species developed, called human. We were not prepared for this development, but we let evolution take its course, not wanting to interrupt progress.

It seems that our last dragon was influenced by the human species and having no dragonic partner, fell in love with a female human. This would not have been a problem. With time the dragon would have discovered that dragons and humans are not destined for each other. Unfortunately our dragon chose a specimen that had been promised in marriage to the local prince. It seems that the prince, known as George, decided he would fight for his female and found his way to our dragon’s lair.

George was prepared to regain his female and our dragon, known as Fred on our planet, decided to take the female with him when returning to our planet. I had to intervene and just as this George specimen was preparing to take a swipe at our dragon with his sword, I managed to beam myself into the dragon’s lair. Here is an account of the events.

“Who are you?” asked George, addressing his question to me.

“I am the dragon’s owner, and you will not touch a scale on his head or I will order him to breathe his flames on you. He belongs to our civilisation. Come Fred, put that female down and return to the place where you belong.”

The dragon informed me, through his telepathy, that he had no intention of returning to our planet without the female. She would be a very nice decoration in his lair on our planet.

I then persuaded the dragon, that earth was really no place for a dragon since the humans had developed and there were many female dragons who would love to be the partner of dragon that has seen other parts of the universe. Luckily dragons do have a certain amount of intelligence and Fred decided that George could have his female and he let her free.

It was then that human George told me that he could not allow this. He had intended to fight the dragon and win back his female. It was a matter of honour. He would return to his town and be celebrated by all as the Prince who fought and killed the dragon.

“And how do you want to kill a dragon” I asked. “Our dragon Fred needs only to take a deep breath and expel it in flames and you and your maiden will belong to history.”

“But exactly” said George “I want to go down in history as the man who killed a dragon to rescue his maiden.”

“What do you think Fred, can we help this human to keep his honour?”

As I mentioned dragons are intelligent animals. Fred disappeared into his lair and returned with a discarded skin he had shed a few days before and placed it at the feet of George.

The reputation of George was saved. He returned to his small town in a place called England with the dragon’s skin and it seems that even today the story of how St. George killed the dragon to rescue his maiden is told in England. They even have a national holiday to celebrate a so-called St. George’s day. These earthlings are a strange race.

Fred hold your breath for a minute and let me finish my report. You have already singed the edge of the paper.

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