Tuesday, 7 August 2012

United Friends Challenge #215: A Sleepless Night

Jo's Challenge
Write in ONE paragraph, containing just SIX sentences,  a description or story or whatever you like that stands alone without additional sentences or paragraphs

The wind howled through the shutters of the old house and Morticia twisted and turned in her bed at midnight, but there was no chance of sleep. The sound of heavy footsteps were approaching, climbing the old rickety staircase, although she knew she was now alone in the house since she had poisoned Victor her husband; indeed tonight was the tenth anniversary of the murder. Bolts of thunder and shards of lightening illuminated the room, the rain lashing against the window panes, reflecting the shadows of the trees in the garden and banishing any thought of rest and relaxation from Morticia’s mind. The thud of the footsteps could still be heard and Morticia made an effort to light a candle to shed light in the room, but she could not find the box of matches. It was then that the door creaked and opened. Her hands were still shaking when the matches were placed in her hand by something or someone but she was scared, frightened, out of her mind and then she managed to strike the match which illuminated the grinning face of Victor.

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