Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How to lose one of your nine lives by Nera the chief cat

Nera with her splint - two toes broken

Hello everyone, it is Nera the cat reporting from a small village in Switzerland. Mrs. Human said that I should write this one myself, as words fail her to tell the story. No, I have not had a happy three weeks behind me. Carnival season starts here next week, but I can assure you that my blue leg has nothing to do with dressing up. It all started one afternoon when my sister Tabby and I were bored and decided to play "hunt the mouse". This game involves quite a bit of exercise and precise movement.

"It wasn't my fault that the play center fell on your paw."

"Tabby will you let me explain the facts. You jumped off the play center and it lost its balance and fell on my paw."

"Yes Nera, but you didn't have to be sitting under it when it fell."

I will continue if I may, without any further interruptions from my sister. As I said we were playing and Tabby decided to start training for the cat olympics. After a quick climb up the wall she landed on the top platform of the cat play center, the play center fell onto my paw of my left back leg. I managed to limp away and it hurt, Mrs. Human looked quite shocked and Mr. Human said something about cleaning up the footprints on the stone floor before they left stains. Typical human! I was bleeding to death and all they are concerned about are stains on the floor.

"But you made your point Nera when you started hissing and howling. Mr. and Mrs. Human went into action."

"Ok, Tabby, that is true, but I was not so keen on the action. Calling the vet on the telephone to say they were coming and fetching up the white metal box from the cellar the c-c-c-c-age."

"If I remember rightly Nera you disappeared for the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Human returned without you."

"Of course they did, Tabby. The vet gave me one of those jabs and then I woke up at home in the c-c-cage again, with that blue thing on my leg. I will continue."

Yes, I was not able to walk normally. Everytime I tried there was an accompanying click on the floor from this blue thing. Mr. and Mrs. Human said something about two broken toes and this blue thing had to stay for at least ten days, but I showed them. I decided I did not want this thing of my leg, so I went to work on it. I decided to soften it up. After a few long licking sessions it got quite soft and with one determined pull with my teeth it was off. I was just about to try walking without but the cage was again there and another trip to the vets. Again a jab and a sleep in cat nirvana. You guessed it. When I awoke the blue thing was back again, so I gave up. I even managed to develop quite  good walk on three legs, although I must admit my toes did hurt a bit. Eventually after a few days I could even climb up to my top perch on the high cat play center.

"Tell them about when you escaped Nera."

"OK Tabby, but it was not a real escape. Mrs. Human left the window open and I was out like a streak, although hopping on three legs. Did those humans really think I was going to stay indoors."

"Yes, you were quick on those three legs Nera, but Mrs. Human carried you back home."

Anyhow, eventually I paid a memorable visit to the vets. Memorable because he removed the blue thing from my leg. He did not even put me to sleep. Mr. Human held me down by the scruff of my neck and the doc removed it. That really hurt. When I returned home I decided to ignore Mr. and Mrs. Human and gave them a hiss every time they came near me. I think I made my point. The most uncomfortable thing about all of this was going to the cat box. Try doing your business on three legs - not very comfortable.

Anyhow after a few days I tried out the four legged walk and although it still hurt a bit, not so much. Today I can walk on all four legs. You don't even notice that I lost two claws, at least I hope not. A lady cat has no chance anymore with Garfield. He prefers his ladies perfect.

I still have house arrest as the doc said not to let me out. I am not very happy about that, and try as I might to do the big escape - no chance. Mr. and Mrs. Human have their eyes everywhere. I can even climb up to the top of the cupboard to my favourite observation post. Anyhow that is how I lost one of my nine lives and now for an illustration of my injured toe.  You don't notice a lot, but here is a photo of my two back legs. It is the one on the right on the photo that was injured.

In any case I went through the pain with no problem.

"Sorry Tabby, did you say something. Stop sniggering behind your paw."

Right the injured paw, left the healthy one

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