Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ten Thought Tuesday

1. Yes, they are back again, my ten thoughts. So where to start, the most important unanswered question since Christmas. Who killed Archie Mitchell in the TV Sitcom East Enders. It is almost as mysterious as who killed J.R. (for the older generation amongst us remembering Dallas). So who did it? Janine No. 1 suspect, but no-one really likes her. Now they have arrested Ian Beale, who was my No. 1 suspect. So who knows, will it be revealed this week.?

2. Will my bit fat cat Nera spend a quiet night tonight. After having the second splint in five days at the vets, pulling the first one off, she is not pleased and sits quietly in a corner spitting at all who come near her. Did she really think she could get away with it after ripping it off with her teeth.

3. Otherwise slowly normal routine arrives at the Angloswiss house. No. 2 son back in Brussels where he works and No. 1 son working again, although only two days up to now this week. Yes, we have to thank the banks for a more or less permanent holiday, after their stupidity. Newest prognosis, it will get better at the end of the year.

4. What happens when  country is hit by a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake and there is no government to organise things. Either the government has disappeared or been destroyed by the earthquake. Tragic, but true. But in that country the government never really looked after the population in any case. May the poor people be helped and may those needing help receive it.

5. Just watching a programme on Swiss TV where they show how they shave the cows. A real cosmetic thing. Even the bull is shaved in the sensitive places, All in technicolour on our TV. All done in the name of hygiene.

6. Yes, I am an addict. I have discovered gaming on Facebook. Am the proud possessor of a farm, a restaurant, an apartment and house in Yoville - with thoughts about buying a beach house as well, not to mention my Pet in Pettville. You may shake your heads in sympathy, but I am having fun.

7. Whilst my son was staying at Christmas, I had to move my computer to the living room. It is just a lap top and it is on the dining table with full view of the television. What could be better. After son left we (that is I) decided to keep it there. Life could not be better.

8. I have slowly started writing again. After the mass production of my sometimes strange and black stories last year, I took a rest from it all. Gradually I am getting a few ideas again.

9. Mr. Swiss and I had a good plan for the snow days. We just stocked up on food and stayed at home. Something like life in an igloo. We only ventured out again when the roads were clear and car friendly.

10. I had a win on the premium bonds in England. Big deal - a cheque arrived for twenty five pounds. After my bank deduct about eight pounds I am left with seventeen pounds sterling. Better than a kick up the ----- as my mum would say.

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