Tuesday, 7 August 2012



Jumbled Jellyfish floating in a sea of thought
Gliding in an atmosphere not to be caught
Where do they come from, where are they going?
Is it a dream or something thought bestowing?
"Mummy take my hand, the wrong place and wrong time
I do not like these jubblies
They do not seem to rhyme"
"Have no fear my daughter, they are floating in a space
Just stay by me and take my hand
They are not the human race"
"Are they magic mushrooms, please tell them go away
Have floppy flaying arms
In our world they must not stay"
And so it came to pass that the jubblies did not go
Their own world gone forever
On the earth their seeds did sow
The army came with weapons but the jubblies were not caught
They just divided more, the earth became distraught
Jubblies soon took over and found the humans nice
They liked them fried or roasted, they tasted well with rice
We think we are the best, we like to eat our meat
But the jubblies did as well, they found us very sweet
Some of us were pets, they kept us in a cage
Jubblies liked to show us, human pets the latest rage
Of course this is a fantasy, jubblies do not exist
Or do they in another world?
You might see them in the mist

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  1. okay I found you and I found Belita, so is this where we are going to have a home now, just confused as blogspot and blogger seems to have all different addresses, would I look for or .com for myself??
    This seems like a lot of hard work *sniff*