Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Problems with Fluffy the cat

“Come on Fluffy, time to go“

My cat Fluffy picked his ears up and decided to walk in the opposite direction.

“I am not going anywhere Mrs. Human, and definitely not in that cage thing you have got ready with the lid open. That means one thing, a visit to that place where they give jabs in my back. No way, Mrs. Human, no way.”

So I decided it was necessary to use some force. I picked up Fluffy and put him in the cage.

“No Fluffy, will you take your claws out of the cage, I cannot shut the lid.”

“Meowwww – take your hands away from my paws.”

This was not an easy job, but eventually Fluffy was in the cage, the lid locked down and transported into the garage where the car was waiting. We were serenaded by a chorus of meow but when the car started to move, he quietened down.

The problem with Fluffy is that since his accident, where he lost his sight, his fur tends to disappear on his tummy and legs every so often. Perhaps it was caused by the shock of the accident. We don’t really know what happened, but we think he may have been hit by a passing car, or perhaps fell from a high place. In any case, it was a head injury that led to him becoming blind.

Eventually we arrived at the vets and he got his jab. It is a so-called depot jab, and gives the medicine into his body at regular intervals. It usually takes a couple of weeks, but his fur will return. If he did not have the treatment, he would permanently be bald on his legs and tummy.

Anyhow eventually we arrived home and Nera, the chief cat was waiting.

“Hey Fluffy, where’s your fur gone – look a bit like one of those tasty baby birds at the moment, all pink.”

“So, Nera not so aggressive, Fluffy cannot help losing his fur.” I said.

“Oh, no problem, Mrs. Human, Nera is just jealous because when my fur grows, it is much more silky and more beautiful than Nera’s. “ answered Fluffy.

“That’s not true, is it Mrs. Human?” asked Nera. “I am the most beautiful cat here, hiss, hiss.”

“Nera you are all beautiful, but all in a different way.”

“Let’s change the subject Mrs. Human” said Nera. “Switch the television on and let’s have a look at one of my cat videos; the one with the birds.”

“OK, Nera” I said thinking anything for a quiet life. So Fluffy curled up on his favourite chair and was asleep within a few minutes and Nera watched her favourite cat video, the one with the birds.
Nera watching her favourite tv programme

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