Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge #106; Moments

Nera relaxing
Quiet moments in the life of a cat
Pondering the movement to make
A spring from the table, landing lightly on dainty feet
Attacking a cat flap leading to the great outdoors
Hunting mice, or just laying in a cool place
But always alert, another cat may be near
The sounds of a dog barking, ears upright and open
Whiskers sensing puffs of wind showing movement
The danger has passed, the dog has gone
So why take this trouble on my lazy shoulders
I think I will stay where I am
Conserve my energy for better things
Alert! I hear the sound of the tin opener
Smell the whiff of tuna in the air
Be ready to pounce before the others are there
The tuna will be mine, mine MINE

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