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Mono Monday Plus - October 31st, 2010

Skyscape in Feldbrunnen
Nothing special this week. After clearing out the cobwebs, spiders, bone remains and blood stain in my computer left from halloween I had to get back to normal conditions. Here is a photo I took last week as the evening was arriving. I was surprised how it came out, especially my pampas which seemed to have been reflecting the remaining sun rays of the evening.

I decided to take this photo. First of all I put it into CS3 Photoshop and cloned out the crane. I then put it into b/w and twiddled around a bit on various contrasts until I got the effect I wanted. I left the building on the left on the photo and decided to put a bit of colour on it, yellow. This is what happened.

Sky landscapes bw yellow building
No, I didn't like it, although perhaps seen through a professional photographic eye it might be good. I suppose a matter of taste. I then put the photo back in CS3 and cloned out the building. It just seemed to me that it was nothing special. I then had an idea. The pampas was already shining, and I discovered the halloween programme in Piknik which has bits to make things stand out more. I cloned out the clouds on the right to brighten up the sky and made the complete side of the photo shine a bit more. The effect I used was "zombify" and it was in all different shades to lighten or darken, or just to let it glow a bit. I then put a mirror frame onto it and here is my final result.

It would interest me to have a bit of professional comment as I am not so good at judging what is actually good. I have now registered for a photo course at the local evening school starting next January. Basically known as digital photography, basis, but I have to start somewhere. Using all the gags on the various programmes is ok, but I decided I wanted a bit of basic knowledge.

landscape with frame
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