Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Inner Voice #24 - I want that Pumpkin!

"Grandad I want that one.“
"I’m not so sure little Vlad, you had better ask you mum or dad. I don’t think you are old enough for that one yet.”

Vlad was so disappointed. His father, known as The Impaler, had decided to go on holiday with the family to the old country. It was the feast of the year and all the family would be there. Custom for the children was to carry a carved pumpkin and little Vlad was so looking forward to going with his grandfather to buy one.

“Dad” called little Vlad “I want that one, but grandad Dracky said I am too young.”

The Impaler moved over to his son and father, almost tripping on the way over his new cloak. He was annoyed. He had spent the best part of the night being fitted for a new cloak, and now it was too long. His wife, Morticia, told him it was just perfect, admiring the way it flattered when the Impaler was have a test flight with it.

“Typical woman” thought the Impaler. “They always have to impress everyone. It might look good in the air, but who has ever seen a Vampire falling flat on his face as he pounces to take his victim. I might even break one of my super incisor teeth if I fall. A vampire preparing for the kill with one tooth, no that doesn’t work. Morticia, I will return my cloak tonight and tell the tailor I want it shortened a couple of inches.”

“But Dracky, it looks so good on you.”

“I don’t care, we have another problem. Tell your son that he cannot have that pumpkin. It looks a bit dangerous.” said the Impaler.

“Little Vlad, come here” called Morticia “and stop throwing a fit”.

“I want that pumpkin, the one with the wonky face.” and he stamped his foot on the ground and his eyes glowed red just to emphasise that he was throwing a fit, a real blood thirsty tantrum.

Moticia had a closer look at the pumpkin. What do you think grandad Dracula. It does look a bit one sided.”

“I just think that a boy of Vlad’s age should have something a bit less bloodthirsty. After all his teeth are not yet fully grown.”

“Oh, grandad, don’t be a spoilsport. Mum, my teeth are growing nicely, look.”

Morticia had a closer look at her son’s teeth. “I think he is right grandpa Dracula, his teeth have got longer over the past few days.”

“Let’s have a look” answered Grandpa Dracula. “You know Morticia, you are right; nice and pointed and sharp. It must be the fresh mountain air in Transylvannia, in the old country.”

“Dracky, come here” Morticia called husband. “Little Vlad so wants that pumpkin, and his teeth are really long enough now. It’s amazing how fast they have grown over the last few days.”

 “Ok son, you can have that pumpkin, and as a treat you can fly with me tonight, as soon as my cloak has been shortened.”-

Yes, it was a busy Halloween for Little Vlad, and father Impaler. After a quick visit to the tailor to shorten the cloak, they flew off together. Little Vlad’s pumpkin was the best and was admired by all the other vampires. It was even immune to the garlic the people had hung at their door ways to keep the vampires away. It was a successful night for father and son. Morticia spent the evening with her sisters carving more pumpkins to decorate their castle, in the same style as the one Little Vlad had.

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