Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mono Monday Plus - November 22nd

Hot Chestnut Seller
This week I was a bit at a loss for a photo. I decided to take one of the photos I made of Max on his tour through the Swiss town of Solothurn with me. Max is a cute little teddy bear that started his journey in NB, America and is now staying with me via Luxy, MJ in South Korea and Milli in Australia. This photo shows Max in front of our hot chestnut place in the town market place.

I put the photo into CS3 photo shop and made it monochrome. I then brought the colours back for Max and the people buying their chestnuts. I decided to make a nice blue sky with layering of another photo and eventually used the light tool concentrating the center of the light on Max. I then put it into Piknik for a frame and here is the result.
Max in light
And then I found a photo of my big black long furred chief cat Nera while she was working on the computer. This is a fun one. She said that she did not like the screen saver, so I suited it to her taste. I took a photo of her evening meal, and placed it on the screen with some help from CS3 and the magic wand. I also added some words to suit the theme. Again into Piknik for a frame and here is the result.

tuna fish is good for you
Click here for larger size

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