Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge #102: Beyond

View of the Bernese Alps from Feldbrunnen

An everyday view from our village, but you only see so far. So you wonder what can be beyond the alps that are ever present in a country like Switzerland. Whether in the North, East, or West they are a frame.

"No, Mrs. Human, what are you doing, that really has nothing to do with beyond" and my overweight black long furred cat Nera appeared to give me her advice.

"Nera, please don't disturb. I am writing a serious piece of work for a challenge."

"OK, Mrs. Human, but there is no mystery in your beyond. Take a plane or even easier, have a look in an atlas or on this internet thing. Then you see that beyond there are more mountains, rivers, towns and whatever. Now we cats have a touch of excitement with our beyond."

"I am not sure what you mean Nera."

"Come on Mrs. Human you have thousands of photos on that computer thing, those alps are just plain boring."

"Ok, Nera, then let's take a photo of the sky. That is never-ending. What lies behind the clouds no-one really knows."

"No, Mrs. Human, no sky pictures please. They all look the same. A blue background and if you are lucky you get a colourful cloud in front. Do you ever see us cats walking around with our heads turned towards the sky? Of course not, it might even rain and we get wet."

"OK Nera, so what would you suggest."

"This one of course. I took the liberty of changing it a bit in one of your photo programmes to match the vision of a feline creature. We just don't see things like humans, not to mention our wonderful accurate sense of smell and hearing, but here is something like the exit to the garden, when we go on a hunting trip, or mouse safari."
Garden path beyond

"Yes, well it certainly looks a bit different to the original photo."

"But that is how we cats see it, otherwise there would be no point in going anywhere, now would there. What lies beyond the borders of the garden. Is it a strange monster, similar to the cat next door, lurking for an attack, or perhaps an unsuspecting bird trying to capture a worm. It is so exciting. Why look so far with your mountains when beyond is just around the corner in a figurative way of speaking."

"Nera I must say your gift of explaining things has really improved."

"What do you expect when that television thing is running all evening. We cats are not stupid you know. Anyhow as I was saying, just a few paw steps outside the garden and we enter another world. Smells of mice, and crawling insects waft in the air. Noises of grass wisps moving in the breezes caused by unknown creatures. Life beyond is exciting. We paw our way carefully between unknown paths, stealthily creeping upon an unsuspecting bird or mouse. That is the essence of beyond. So keep your nice decorative photos for some sort of sloppy poem that you write now and again. We cats have to deal with real life."

"Thank you for the explanation Nera" I said "but the bit about the sloppy poem I will ignore. I spend hours thinking about what to write. It is an intellectual well thought out piece of work. Anymore remarks like that and I will shorten your tuna fish ration."

"Sorry Mrs. Human. of course I didn't mean it like that so ignore the word sloppy. And how is it now with the tuna fish?"

So what can a stupid human do against a clever cat. I must say they are just beyond my understanding. 

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